Satisfactory Update 4: Everything We Know

Dec 10  Masonzero  

Satisfactory is an ever-evolving game, and the 4th major update is right around the corner. It has been hotly anticipated, even as soon as update 3 came out. Details are slowly revealing themselves, and we decided to gather all of […]

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5 of the Most Useless Things in Satisfactory

Nov 03  Masonzero  

Most games include items or features that many players don’t use. I don’t know if I represent every Satisfactory player ever, but this game has a lot of items that I have never touched, or only used just to try […]

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Fluids Update Breakdown (Experimental v0.3.6)

Oct 27  Masonzero  

Today, Coffee Stain Studios treated us to Update 3.5 (well, technically it’s Experimental Update v0.3.6), the Fluids Update. This comes with a few minor additions to pipes and fluids, and some other awesome but small redesigns. If you’ve already unlocked […]

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The Best Satisfactory Content Creators of 2020

Sep 17  Masonzero  

Now that Satisfactory has been out for well over a year, and the game has launched on Steam in addition to Epic, the content creation landscape has settled on a group of people who love Satisfactory and look like they’re […]

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How to Get Nuclear Power in Satisfactory (Update 3)

Aug 17  Masonzero  

Hey everyone! We got a ton of love for our nuclear power article and video but unfortunately, it’s incredibly out of date now. We made it about Update 2, and Update 3 changes the functionality completely. So, first of all, […]

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How to Keep Your Factory Organized, You Slob

Aug 07  Masonzero  

We get it, your factory probably looks like your bedroom – junk all over the floor, layers and layers of who knows what, and no hope of actually finding what you’re looking for. When it’s your room, you lose your […]

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3 Satisfactory Beginner Mistakes You Should Avoid

Jun 25  Masonzero  

With Satisfactory recently launching on Steam, we thought it would be wise to share some of the most common issues that new players run into. Being in early access still, some things in the game are not explained or are […]

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Satisfactory Now Available on Steam Store

Jun 08  Masonzero  

The hit factory game Satisfactory is officially out on Steam, meaning fans of the game can purchase it both on Epic Games and Steam. The Steam release has been long-anticipated after Coffee Stain Studios signed an exclusivity deal with Epic […]

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Breaking Down Satisfactory Update v0.3.4.14

Jun 02  Masonzero  

With the Steam release of Satisfactory on the horizon, Coffee Stain Studios has released another update for the Early Access branch of the game. Many of these updates carry over from the Experimental branch and have proven themselves. The patch […]

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Satisfactory Steam Release Date Announced

May 29  Masonzero  

Ever since Satisfactory first came out on the Epic Games Store, players have asked the age-old question: “Steam when?” But now Coffee Stain Studios have officially set a date for the Satisfactory Steam release. Be sure to add the game […]

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