3 Satisfactory Beginner Mistakes You Should Avoid

3 Satisfactory Beginner Mistakes You Should Avoid

Jun 25 Masonzero  

With Satisfactory recently launching on Steam, we thought it would be wise to share some of the most common issues that new players run into. Being in early access still, some things in the game are not explained or are unintuitive. Here are some of the biggest mistakes that you may run into as a new player.

Trains Work a Little Weird…

Trains work in mysterious ways in Satisfactory, so you should keep in mind some of the weird things.

Firstly, trains can go through each other. Unlike the hilarious collisions that can happen with other vehicles, trains just clip through each other like it’s nothing. You can use this to your advantage, by running multiple trains on the same track. You won’t need to worry about where they are, because you can just run them through each other.

Which brings us to the next unintuitive thing about trains…

When driving the trains manually, you can go forward or in reverse. However, when automating train movement with schedules and autopilot, trains actually cannot go in reverse!

This means that if you want to save on track and have a train run from Point A to Point B without going in a circle, you’ll need to put train engines facing forward on one side and backward on the other. So, while you don’t need to make room for a circle of track, you do need to be sure you can afford double the amount of trains if you plan on doing things this way instead.

An easy workaround is to wrap the track around after the train station and reconnect it with the main track.

Power Plants Don’t Always Run at Maximum

Like any building in Satisfactory, power plants have a set amount of materials they need per minute to run efficiently. But maybe, especially with coal, you’ve noticed that your power plants run just fine even though they’re getting less water or coal than they say they need.

This is because power plants such as coal plants run only as much as they need to to satisfy your power requirements. So if you have a 2000 MW capacity, but only 1000 MW are being used. Your power plants will only work at half of their maximum rate, meaning they require half of the materials they’re asking for.

We’ve seen beginners run into this problem with coal plants, and I have to admit that I accidentally did it to myself as well. Coal Generators demand 50 water per minute, meaning a full pipe of 300 water per minute can support 6 of them. But then players try adding more generators and see that they work fine. At least, until they start using more power and they blow their grid.

The initial reaction is confusion, then realization that you don’t have enough water. At first everything seems fine, until you finally realize that power plants don’t operate at 100% all the time.

It’s an interesting detail in the game and a bit unintuitive. Just because your capacity is 2000 MW, does not mean that you are actively producing 2000 MW. You are only producing as much as you are using.

Concrete Solves All of Your Problems

If you’re used to following some sort of “rules” when you play games, it’s time to get out of that in Satisfactory!

This game is kind of like Minecraft in that you can make a ton of gravity-defying structures. With the power of concrete platforms, you can eventually reach anywhere on the map.

Need to reach a high place? Build a conrete tower under yourself to climb up. Trees in your way? Start building a concrete platform above the treeline!

Satisfactory lets you bend the rules, and the game becomes easier by taking advantage of that and creating epic sky-bases and physically-impossible monstrocities. Take advantage of it now until Coffee Stain Studios decides to add actual physics to structures!

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