5 More Satisfactory YouTubers and Twitch Streamers to Watch

5 More Satisfactory YouTubers and Twitch Streamers to Watch

Jun 28 Masonzero  

As Satisfactory has become more and more popular, more and more Satisfactory YouTubers and Twitch streamers have cropped up. We previously shared five great Satisfactory YouTube series to watch, but there has been a huge influx of dedicated gamers making videos about this game. Today, we’re sharing a few more awesome creators. As usual, comment your personal favorites below. We’ll check them out and maybe include them in the next one!


KatherineOfSky needs to be the first content creator I mention, because she just missed being on our last top 5 Satisfactory YouTubers list. Like, she was #6 on my list, then I cut it down to a list of 5. I’m so sorry. She did make our article about Satisfactory Alpha videos, though.

She is known for playing Factorio, so it’s no wonder that she had an entire series about Satisfactory. It has been a little while since uploading, but she has dozens of videos in both single player and multiplayer. Her friendly personality makes this crazy factory-building adventure even more enjoyable!


ImKibitz (or just Kibitz) has made a name for himself with multiple games. The latest of those games has been Satisfactory, and he has gone absolutely crazy with his factory. This Canadian YouTuber is not afraid to build massive fortresses with hundreds of machines, or to tear down entire biomes. His positive and friendly vibes make watching his videos enjoyable, especially because his enthusiasm seems genuine!


Gronkh is a German YouTuber, and I don’t speak German. But he was suggested by several users over on our Twitter, so I feel compelled to include him! If you speak German, you will probably enjoy his nearly 100 Satisfactory videos that are all around 30 minutes in length. His factory looks pretty built-out, so it should provide great inspiration for your own gameplay.


Speaking of non-English-language content creators, French-speaking Belgian YouTuber Aurelien_Sama was also a popular suggestion on our Twitter post. As of the time of this writing, his last video was nearly a month ago, and it was labeled as his final episode. We’ll have to wait and see if future updates bring him back to the game. Looking at his videos, he seemed to bridge the gap between casual and extreme player, and the always focused on the newly-added items.

Nerd Parade

Nerd Parade is an energetic YouTuber known for several games, including Satisfactory. He’s not doing anything crazy compared to some of these other creators, so his quest to make a mega base is relatable to the average player who may not have time to do the insane builds others are working on.


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