5 of the Most Useless Things in Satisfactory

5 of the Most Useless Things in Satisfactory

Nov 03 Masonzero  

Most games include items or features that many players don’t use. I don’t know if I represent every Satisfactory player ever, but this game has a lot of items that I have never touched, or only used just to try out. In this blog, I’m going to talk about five of those things. Let me know in the comments below if you feel the same, or if you’ve actually used these things!

1. Rebar Gun

I have used the Rebar Gun a fair bit, but I have since sworn off of it. While ammo for the Rifle can be difficult to construct, the Rebar Gun is just so unreliable. To use an Apex Legends analogy: I expect it to feel like a satisfying headshot with the Wingman, but instead it feels like a poorly aimed Mozambique shot. The projectile falls very short of its target and deals damage so slowly, that you’re better off upgrading your melee weapon and skipping the Rebar Gun completely.

2. Parachute

I honestly forgot that parachutes were an item in the game. Made from fabric and cable, parachutes are a consumable that prevents fall damage. Now, I had to learn all of this from the Wiki, because I’ve never actually constructed a Parachute. In my playthroughs, one of my main goals is to unlock the Bladerunners and the Jetpack as soon as possible. Until I make those, I try not to put myself in a situation where I would take lethal fall damage. I can see the Parachute being a good backup for when you accidentally run out of Jetpack fuel. But I honestly would not use this item at any stage in the game.

3. Gas Mask

I just can’t be bothered to wear a Gas Mask when I want to go into the Poison Gas clouds. You need to carry around the mask and its filters in your inventory, and it’s so much easier to just tank the damage with Bacon Agaric or Inhalers than to worry about making filters for your mask. Yes, it’s going to be better overall to use the Gas Mask, but sometimes the right option is just less convenient.

4. Geo Thermal Generator

I want to like the Geo Thermal Generator, I really do. But it just doesn’t make much sense to use. It would be fantastic as an early-game building, but it instead ends up being a fine mid-to-late-game addition that you’re not excited about. There are 18 geysers on the map, and they produce 200 MW each, so if you put a generator on each of them, you would gather 3600 MW of power. This would be great in the early portions of the game since 200 MW is a lot more than the 75 MW that the Coal Generator can produce. However, you need Supercomputers, an endgame item, in order to create Geo Thermal Generators! By the time you unlock this building, why not just put your focus on nuclear power, which will produce more power with just two Nuclear Plants than if you connected all 18 Geysers to your grid? It’s not that the item is bad, it’s that the part

5. Programmable Splitter

Maybe I’m just not smart enough to use them effectively, but I cannot think of a single reason I would use a Programmable Splitter. Okay, let me rephrase that. I can’t think of a reason I would use them, but I can see why others would. As a rule of thumb, I don’t put different items on the same belt, unless I’m sending those items straight into the Awesome Sink. I find myself using the Smart Splitter sometimes, specifically to use the overflow feature. But when it comes to Programmable Splitters, I can only really think of a use for them if I dumped various items on the same belt. But whenever I would want to do that, I just create more belts instead. I would rather not risk a belt getting backed up by random items and messing up something else. Comment down below if you use this item, but it just does not suit my playstyle at all.

Those are my picks for the five most useless items in Satisfactory. I’m not surprised that the game contains these items. Many games do, and especially games that are still in early access. There is plenty of time for Coffee Stain Studios to remove or rebalance some of these items. I would definitely use the Geo Thermal Generator if it was balanced to be available earlier in the game, and I would use the Gas Mask if it wasn’t overpowered by the healing items in the game. Let me know down in the comments if my opinion are awful or not, and what items you never touch while playing Satisfactory.

About Masonzero

Mason has years of experience writing for blogs on a variety of topics. Now he is excited to highlight the awesome things you can do in Satisfactory. He hails from Portland, Oregon and loves gaming with his wife and petting their cat, Henry. He can be reached at [email protected]


  • Milord_Rosbif
    Nov 19, 2020 @ 3:49 am

    Hi, I totally agree with 3 of the 5. The two I use are the gasmask (occassionally) when I am getting a protected hard drive and the programmable splitter. I use four of those in my stock store. This is a 12 wall high building that holds 4 rows of 12 large containers, stacked 3 high to hold each useful item type in individual storage and 3 group stores for organic stuff (leaves, entrails, wood, mercer etc), mechanical (tools, shards etc) and AOB.

    I have a single conveyor from my factory complex that carries overflow production (using smart splitters on the output lines, to feed into a small store (so I can manually drop stuff to the store) . The store feeds to the programmable splitter on the top floor above the stacks of containers and directs the specific items to the left or right aisle. above each isle, fed by the programmable splitter are a series of smart splitters sending left right or straight on. These sort the items into their specific bins. The three group stores need programmable splitters to do this. If an item gets all the way to the end of the aisle without being stored (because the store is full, then they are merged back onto a single belt that feeds a crusher for those bonus vouchers!

    Happy to share the build if you are interested

  • Loeffel
    Feb 13, 2021 @ 7:15 am

    I use the programmable splitter just as Milord_Rosbif does. It is so much more convinient to have just one place to get everything. I now many people that have such a storage, but most of them feed every storage container with its own belt. I don’t like that especially where I build a round tower as a storage facility. There it would be very hard to bring all single belts in and it would disturb the beauty of the tower.
    We used all the geothermal sources, but yes they are far too expensive and result in such low amount of power that they are more useless than anything else.
    Making power with turbo fuel is far more efficient, if someone doesn’t want to use nuclear power as I do because of the waste.

    It is not enough to have parachutes with you you need to equip them instead of the jetpack. They are highly unreliable when it comes to activation and during my phase trying them I got more fall damage and get killed than they saved me. So absolutely useless.
    I use the gas mask sometimes, as I also build through such areas and as I have a special way to build I would end up far too long in that area without a gas mask.
    When it comes to the rebar gun. I must admit that I don’t like her. Hitting with her is not much more reliable than throwing a Nobelisk at the enemy. So I use them as I am bad in melee combat in this game, but I tend to restrain my operations to a known terrain I have already conquered until I get the Rifle.

  • Alex
    Feb 21, 2021 @ 13:38 pm

    Suggestions to for most of these issues:

    1) Rebar gun – Give it a *slight* boost to range and projectile speed. Possible addition: Let players craft steel rebar ammo using future steel rods or just ingots directly. Personally I’d like all weapons and vehicles to be moddable to fit each player’s preferences/usage patterns.
    2) Parachute – Replace it with a more-expensive-to-build reusable glider, available fairly early. Optional mid-game disposable dry fuel rocket boosters could be added to allow the glider to traverse great distances quickly (particularly if launched from great height).
    3) Gas mask – First, make the mask manual. Must be toggled on and off by hand. Second, make the filters for it twice as expensive… and last a long time. A few minutes at least. Alternatively, or in addition to these changes: More slots. The gas mask would be infinitely more useful if it occupied a “head slot” and still allowed you to have your body slot available.
    4) Geo Thermal Generator – Split this into Mk.1 and Mk.2. A Mk.1 should be capable of 150MW, and be available mid-game where it would be a nice free boost. A Mk.2 should output 300MW, to make it worth building as an upgrade in the first place.
    5) Programmable Splitter – I don’t see anything wrong with this as-is. If they ever add 2+ lane belts (ala Factorio left and right side) then this will become infinitely more useful, but it’s not bad as-is. In particular as you noted the overflow function. I think for my next game I’ll experiment with a some ringbus setup and use overflow + merge, just for kicks.

    Personally I’d like to see better power handling. The main thing would be adding grid upgrades that let you prioritize and/or power / depower parts of the factory without needing to manually touch anything. This would allow your power generation and associated buildings to be set at #1 priority. This should also also let you set priority for different types of power generation. This could even just be implemented as smart power switch structures that enable/disable depending on power usage/supply percentage.

    Alternatively reduced power should still allow many things to operate at reduced capacity, at least up to a point. Belt input for biomass generators would be nice too, combined with smart power controls, they could be both auto-fueled and kick on when you accidentally bump the power limit.

  • BlueWraith
    Mar 25, 2021 @ 13:27 pm

    I prefer the rebar gun to the rifle for most of the game. It plays more like a bow and arrow with arcing shots. Its has better ratio of damage to inventory size. And it is super easy to make more ammo in the field. In my recent play-throughs I tend to rush the unlocks and wait about automating production en mass. So rifle ammo is a hassle. Later game I retire the rebar gun. The rifle still doesn’t handle quite right to me, but it is much quicker at its job than rebar gun.

    I agree with pretty much everything else. I do use the gas mask on rare occasions. I’d also add that I don’t use the jetpack that much lately. I just cannot seem to give up the ground speed / fall resistance of blade runners. And I’d usually rather climb a ladder or hop around on top of things than switch items. Hoping one day we can wear both in vanilla.

  • mortache
    Apr 22, 2021 @ 3:24 am

    This is late but still.
    Programmable splitter is a godsend when you have plastic/rubber production in conjunction with fuel for power. Without an overflow splitter sending items to resource sink when storages are full, the whole power grid would shut down. I learnt it the hard way when I had to build a dozen biomass burners with power shards just to power the refineries and extractors for power.
    Similarly, having some excess reliable power from geothermal that won’t shut down randomly is amazing. You can make a separate circuit with it that only powers the things needed for power generation. Would be nice to not have to throw down a few dozen biomass burners if something happens to the nuclear grid.
    Gas mask can be bypassed for small “walls” of gas but its vital to contest a crash pod where there are multiple fart rocks whose damage stacks and there are three alpha spitters or hogs hitting you. A Rebar gun would also be great in these contexts to thin out the big herds. But I usually only carry the xeno bashers.

    Parachutes are useless, that I can agree.

  • Apr 27, 2021 @ 15:18 pm

    A smart splitter is useful for any kind of auto sorting system. For example if you want to have a drink take the role of transporting many different resources a long distance. Once the drone reaches its destination smart splitters allow you to distribute the items to their respective tracks.


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