5 Satisfactory Easter Eggs to Discover

5 Satisfactory Easter Eggs to Discover

Aug 20 Masonzero  

Satisfactory is made by Coffee Stain Studios, the studio responsible for Goat Simulator. Between Goat Simulator and Satisfactory, it’s obvious that the team has a sense of humor. With that in mind, it is not surprising that the game is full of Easter eggs. Here are 5 of our favorites!

1. Buildings Feature Secret Messages

A lot of the buildings in Satisfactory have alphanumeric codes that spell out words or phrases when you parse them out. Some of them are related to the machine itself, like on the Constructor.

2. A Face Can Appear in the MAM

Sometimes when you’re doing research, the MAM’s screen will show a face of one of the Satisfactory developers, likely Simon.

3. Naruto Animations

Sometimes when doing the clap emote, your character will perform an animation akin to Naturo hand gestures, and shoot red fire out of its hands.

4. ADA Turns into a Cowboy

Sometimes when doing the twirl emote, ADA can chip in with some witty banter. She can say “Quickest draw in the galactic quadrant”, “Yeehaw”, or “Howdy partner.” These old west cowboy phrases fit great with the twirl emote, but are also incredibly out of place and hilarious in the sci-fi world of Satisfactory.

5. Stickers and Text on the Construction Tool

File:Construction Tool Hidden Text 2.png

Coffee Stain’s first game was I Love Strawberries, released in 2010. When you exit the drop pod at the start of the game, you the engineer flattens out a loose sticker of Box Boy, from that game, that is on the construction tool. The construction tool also features various lines of text on its case, some of which are Easter eggs. In particular, 54L-T, or “salt”.

Are there any more Easter eggs you’ve discovered while playing Satisfactory? Leave your favorites in the comments below!


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