5 Satisfactory YouTube Series to Watch Today

5 Satisfactory YouTube Series to Watch Today

Mar 25 Masonzero  

As with any new game with a lot of hype around it, the gaming YouTubers have swarmed to Satisfactory for new content, fun gameplay, and video views! While some prefer to dive in blind and discover what the game has to offer, others go in-depth with guides and tutorials. Still others aim to meme their way through the gameplay! In this article we’ll highlight several YouTubers who are starting a series on Satisfactory, and who you would enjoy!

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1. JackSepticEye

At 21 million subscribers as of March 2019, JackSepticEye is one of the most subscribed to gaming YouTubers. If he uploads a video of a new game, you can bet that some of his fans will try out the game for themselves.

Jack’s approach to his Satisfactory YouTube videos is to jump in blind. For the experienced player there will be some frustrating moments when you see Jack not understanding how something works. If you find yourself yelling “You need to connect it to a power source!!!” at your screen, let’s just say we warned you.

2. Blitz

When you play games like Cities Skylines, Kerbal Space Program, Astroneer, and Raft, going over to Satisfactory is a seamless experience. Blitz is known by his 2.2 million subscribers for playing crafting and resource management games. Given the hype surrounding the launch of Satisfactory, it’s no wonder that Blitz made sure to fill his channel with content around the game as soon as possible.

Since Blitz is an experienced player in games like this, you can expect a fairly competent and efficient playthrough that covers more of the technical and production aspects of the game. Not to say there won’t be mistakes – we’re all learning this game!

3. Squirrel

For a more technical playthrough, you should definitely go for Squirrel’s playthrough. He knows how to set up an awesome factory and automate his entire system.

He is great at explaining every step in his factory-building process. Which makes a lot of sense, because he is better known for his gameplay videos of various driving and flying simulators. Those games tend to be a it boring unless the person playing has a detailed commentary of what exactly they are doing.


If you’re more interested in entertainment in laughter than you are in top-notch gameplay, then the YOGSCAST may be the playthrough for you! While many people choose to play single-player, these guys went for the full 4-player co-op experience. That means a lot of funny interactions that can only come from bouncing jokes off of others.

If you haven’t tried playing co-op yet, this gives a good indication of how it would be to jump in with your friends and chat over Discord or something. It can sometimes be impessive what can be accomplished with four people! While there is definitely such a thing as “too many cooks in the kitchen”, a good team can theoretically quadruple their production speed.

5. Grind This Game

While most Satisfactory YouTubers and players choose to land in the Grassy Fields, the default map, Grind This Game has chosen to play in the Northern Forest. While the Grassy Fields feature wide open spaces for easy building, the Northern Forest is lush and full, making it difficult to build.

Grind This Game faces those challenges head-on by building platforms above the ground. This is a pretty easy way to get around the challenge of the wild terrain, but is a different approach to most gameplay. He is very detailed with what he is building, so this playthrough is a great watch for those that want to learn some of the best ways to make a great factory!

Did we miss your favorite Satisfactory YouTuber? If so, let us know in the comments below what your favorite channel to watch is.


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