5 Things We Can’t Wait to See Come to Satisfactory

5 Things We Can’t Wait to See Come to Satisfactory

Mar 22 Masonzero  

Satisfactory is in early access, and just came out. Which means there are countless aspects of the game that are not completely implemented! This leaves a lot of room for speculation, and even more room for anticipation. Here are five things that we can’t wait to see fully implemented in Satisfactory!

1. Somersloops and Mercer Spheres

satisfactory mercer sphere

Somersloops and Mercer Spheres are strange alien artifacts that players can find around the Satisfactory map. Currently, you can research them in the M.A.M., which lets you scan for more. But they serve no actual purpose at this time.

We don’t know anything about their purpose yet, and even in the patch notes we can see that the Somersloop and Mercer Sphere descriptions have been changed so it’s clear that they currently don’t provide any benefits.

It seems like they may a very interesting part of the Satisfactory story, however. The objects output audio clips when you’re nearby, which include a AI voice saying things like “Harvest it” and “Breaking news from Earth: widespread chaos and mayhem. World president encourages all citizens to do their part and harvest alien artifacts.” This seems like something potentially nefarious trying to convince you to harvest these items. We’re excited to see what secrets they hold!

2. The Crab Boss

The Crab Boss is an unnamed spider-crab-octopus creature that can be seen in the E3 reveal video. It’s large, comes out of the water, and is clearly in combat with the player character as it throws flying crabs at them.

Considering that this trailer is quite old now, it may not even be part of the game anymore. However, assuming it is real, we have to guess that it would provide an awesome reward for beating it. Currently, flying crab hatchers only drop an alien carapace, so there isn’t much of a precendent for what this creature could drop.

3. Intelligent Alien Life

The Satisfactory story has a lot of potential to be fleshed out and made more interesting. The concept of the game is reminscent of games like Subnautica. You are an engineer harvesting and building on an alien world. That game started out pretty bare-bones in terms of story, but the final version featured a rich narrative about the original aliens on the planet.

There are plenty of creatures on this planet, and maybe signs of intelligent life (Somersloops and Mercer Spheres?). It would be really interesting to see some sort of alien component. Who knows what secrets the game will reveal as more content gets added!

4. The Top of the Space Elevator

satisfactory space elevator food court

People have already climbed to the top of the space elevator, but mostly because it was joked that there was a food court at the top!

But with Coffee Stain Studios, can we really be sure that it’s a joke? With so much attention focused on this supposed food court and the top of the elevator, it seems inevitable that at some point there would be an easter egg at the top. Leave a comment below whether you think it will be the food court or something else entirely!

5. Creative Mode

satisfactory creative mode

Other crafting games like Subnautica and Minecraft feature a survival mode (or equivalent) and a creative mode. Creative mode usually gives players all the resources they need to build anything they want. Satisfactory has plans to make a creative mode available. This would let players make the coolest factories they could imagine, with limitless resources. That being said, would a creative mode take the fun out of Satisfactory? After all, the fun comes from figuring out what is efficient and how to lay out a factory so you can get more resources. We’ll likely see some crazy conveyor belt contraptions, but even in the current play mode, players have created some insanely cool factories!


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One comment

  • Apr 30, 2019 @ 6:28 am

    How about five more things we are waiting for:
    1) The mysterious “Centre of the Map” area. Nothing currently spawns there, and you can’t even cut down trees with the chainsaw. This is clearly reserved for some end-game action, but what could we find in this area?
    2) Trains! We want locomotion! Let’s get them in, so that instead of building huge, long conveyors halfway across the map, we can build huge, long train tracks instead!
    3) Nuclear Power: We have discovered patches of uranium, and even died trying to mine it, Please, give us radiation suits, uranium refineries, fuel rods and, of course, the Nuclear Power Station!
    4) Explosives! Some people have discovered gunpowder at crashed drop ships, and it is widely believed that it can be used to craft some form of explosive. Let us use the sulphur we’ve mined to blow away all those big, annoying rocks the litter the landscape, blocking ore nodes or tunnels.
    5) Quartz. What is it for? What does it do? I, for one, can’t wait to find out! I have a whole container full of the stuff, just waiting for a time when it can be used!


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