5 Tips to Make Satisfactory Update 3 Easier

5 Tips to Make Satisfactory Update 3 Easier

Feb 27 Masonzero  

One of the best parts about playing Satisfactory is seeing the fantastic quality-of-life updates the developers have added in. Experimental Update 3 and its initial patches bring in an absolute ton of quality of life improvements and we’re going to go through our top 5, in case you haven’t found them yet.

#1: Upgradable Buildings

One of the best quality-of-life aspects of Satisfactory is being able to upgrade or downgrade conveyor belts without deconstructing them. Just aim at the belt with a different belt selected, and click to replace it without disturbing the contents.

Now that feature applies to more than just belts! Most notably, power poles can be upgraded this way, which is a big deal. It used to be pretty inconvenient to dismantle a power pole, build an upgraded one, and try to remember where you had wires going. You can also replace miners this way, which is a small but appreciated addition.

#2: Splitters and Mergers

Splitters and mergers have often been hard to place, especially since you need to place it on an already-existing conveyor belt. Well no more! Now you can snap a splitter or merger onto the end-point of a conveyor belt or directly onto a conveyor pole. This may not matter to everyone, but it can be incredibly helpful when planning a factory out.

#3: Copy and Paste

I don’t know about you, but I somehow manage to always hit the wrong key when I want to build something. I’ll accidentally open my inventory, or bring up my deconstructing tool, when I mean to bring up the build menu. Building just got a lot faster and easier with one of the most straightforward quality of life additions in update 3. With the build tool out, press the middle mouse button while a building is selected, and it will set that building as the current item you’re trying to build. This speeds up the process when trying to expand your factory and create multiple of the same building.

#4: Seeing Red

“Encroaching Other’s Clearance”. That phrase is basically a nightmare for any Satisfactory player. We’ve spent so much time wondering what could possibly be in the way of our buildings. With the latest update, you’ll be able to tell what items are in the way because they will be outlined in red. This makes it super easy to tell which items you need to deconstruct, whether they be belts, floors, or other buildings.

#5: Move ALL the Stacks

Moving stacks of items has always been a bit annoying in Satisfactory, but it’s a little bit easier now. You can simply hold the Control key and click on an item in order to transfer all of that item from its inventory into the other selected inventory. This is a whole lot easier than clicking each stack individually in order to transfer them, and will just fill up your inventory as much as possible.

These are our top 5 quality of life updates that came out in update 3 of Satisfactory. Get in the comments and let us know what update 3 features make your Satisfactory life easier!


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    Feb 27, 2020 @ 16:36 pm

    You do realize that #5 has been in the game since day one, right? I always use Ctrl-Click to move all of a specific item to a storage box or my inventory.

  • Kynaru
    Feb 29, 2020 @ 12:55 pm

    Actually the control click to move same items was around before update 2


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