6 Great Satisfactory Features Suggested on Reddit

6 Great Satisfactory Features Suggested on Reddit

Apr 13 Masonzero  

The Satisfactory subreddit is a great place for discussions, ideas, and sharing awesome factories. It’s also a place for players to suggest Satisfactory features. Here are some of our favorite ideas we’ve seen!

And if you’re wondering why we didn’t include the commonly-suggested map feature, it’s because this is already on the game’s roadmap.

HUD Markers with Distances

Suggested by: u/poobahh

It’s practically a crime that Satisfactory doesn’t have distances on the HUD markers. How far away is your base from where you are? Who knows! We know this feature wouldn’t be hard to implement because the resource scanner already shows distances for the resources it pings. Right now, players probably don’t have a good grasp of distances, but that would all change if we had something to base it off of!

Fill Up Button

Suggested by: u/Rezdead

One tedious part of Satisfactory (of which there are plenty) is filling up storage containers with items from your inventory. Sometimes you’re carrying around 7 extra stacks of concrete that you no longer need in your inventory, but you have to manually drag or click each one to add it to your concrete container. A suggested solution would be a button that removes all items of a chosen type from your inventory and puts it into the storage container. This would probably work best if it only took item types that were already in the storage container.

Mass Deconstruction

Suggested by: u/Shanetheshiv

I think we’ve all felt that massive pit in our stomachs when we decide to rebuild our factories somewhere else. Unless you want to just abandon your old factory, you need to deconstruct everything one by one. Every power pole, every platform, every conveyor… That’s a daunting task, up there with actually building the thing again. Not to mention storing all those parts that will end up in your inventory! This Satisfactory feature suggestion is to implement a mass deconstruction tool that would allow you to select multiple items at one time for deconstruction. Maybe even a click and drag selector would be good.

Work Lights

Industrial Lighting pole from the Satisfactory Wiki

Suggested by: u/vhaeroth

Night time can be pretty dark in Satisfactory, especially in enclosed indoor factories. This suggestion is for a set of lights that can illuminate your spaghetti during the dark hours. These could be poles, wall lights, ceiling lights, anything really. There were some lights in the closed alpha weekend, but they don’t appear to have made it into the current version of the game yet.

Storage Containers with Displays

satisfactory suggestions reddit storage containers
Image by u/ReS1de on Reddit

Suggested by: u/ReS1de

People have come up with some creative ways to see what they have in their storage containers. Some people like to set a resource on the ground next to their container. Still others like to make a small conveyor sticking out that has the resource on it. This suggestion is for a storage container with screens that shop what is in the container, as well as how many of that item, or items. This is an awesome idea that would help with organization and easily finding where you stored your resources. This will become even more important as Coffee Stain adds more and more items to the game.

A Global Grid for Foundations

Suggested by: u/kiludude

This suggestion is for a global grid for placing foundation, which would enable players to build all of their platforms on the same grid, no matter where they are on the map. The most crucial part of this feature would be the ability to turn it off. Some people just like to freeform it. But a grid would certainly help with connecting various bases scattered across the map.

Which one of these potential Satisfactory features would you want to see? They are all great ideas, and there are plenty more great suggestions out there. Let us know if you have any, and more importantly, let the developers know!


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  • Jul 22, 2019 @ 8:03 am

    Fill up button already exist, just hold ctrl and drag one of the items to move all of the same type.

    Also another of the most requested feature is to have a body slot for each equipement to be able to wear, gas mask, Jet pack, blade runner and bio-hazard suit at the same time.


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