6 Satisfactory Update 4 Tricks You Need to Know

6 Satisfactory Update 4 Tricks You Need to Know

Apr 13 Masonzero  

Satisfactory Update 4 is full of new content around drones, lights, plutonium enrichment, and so much more. But as always, there are some great quality-of-life updates that are hidden deep in the game. Today we’re revealing some of these awesome tricks so that your Update 4 gameplay goes as smoothly as possible.

1. Change Power Pole Type on the Fly

The building hotbar keeps getting easier and easier to use! In the last major update we got the ability to have multiple hotbars which made working on projects easier. Now we can switch between belt types and power pole types without adding the different tiers to the hotbar. Simply select the belt or power pole from the hotbar (or the build menu) and hold the E key. This will open up a menu wheel similar to the scanner menu. You can then select from all of the different tiers available to you, regardless of which one you initially selected.

2. Copy and Paste Machine Settings

With the visual update to the menus inside production buildings, you can also copy and paste settings. Simply set the recipe and clock speed on a machine then click Copy Settings. Go to another machine and click Paste Settings, and that machine will gain all of the characteristics of the first. This will remain in your clipboard, so you can keep copying to as many machines as you need to. This will definitely speed up building a large factory that needs a lot of tweaking to set up.

3. Machines Know Math Now

It’s been great that you can do quick math in Satisfactory using the N key. Overlocking now also supports math, which happens to coincide with the fact that overclocking decimals now have 4 digits rather than just 1. This combination of new features will let you get ultra-precise in your overclocking math. Your factories can be even more optimized and efficient thanks to this.

4. Some Stack Sizes are Larger

Check out your storage bins and load up your inventory! Stack sizes for common items like concrete and iron rods have been increased (concrete stacks to 500 now!!) which should make major construction projects easier. Nothing is more obnoxious than having to travel 10 minutes back to base to fill back up on materials. Now you should be able to spend more time building and less time restocking.

5. 45 Degree Rotation

Certain buildings can now be rotated 45 degrees instead of having to stick to a grid. The jump pad should be one of the most useful to have more rotation for, and the new lights will benefit as well. The craft bench and other similar buildings can also be rotated, which is less important but still nice to have.

6. Pinging is Useful Now

The attention ping is useful in multiplayer to inform your teammates where you are or where something in the world is. But they haven’t been used in a way that makes a lot of sense. With this brand new update, the attention pings now indicate distance when centered on the screen. This addresses one of the biggest issues with the feature, which has been that it’s hard for other players to tell where the ping is coming from.


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