8 of the Most Entertaining Satisfactory Videos from Alpha Weekend

8 of the Most Entertaining Satisfactory Videos from Alpha Weekend

Mar 18 Masonzero  

With Satisfactory about to drop for everyone, let’s enjoy the best videos from the alpha weekend! These videos have some of the most innovative factories, as well as the funniest antics! Let us know which one is your favorite! And be sure to check out our roundup of spicy Satisfactory alpha memes, too.


This first video is actually a great tutorial for setting up autopilot on your vehicles, which will help your factory run much faster. But this also shows the potential for some hilarious things. Automating vehicles to go around crazy courses and do ridiculous stunts on their way to delivering your materials is just the tip of the iceberg!

Satisfactory Moments

What would a game be without a compilation video? This video shows off some hilarious things that happened to players, and some awesome things that players created! It features a lot of complex jump pad courses, map glitches, and more.


This video features a super efficient coal power plant, and you get to see the whole process of upgrading from biofuel to coal power. This video shows off things like vehicle automation and travelling via jump pad to get across long distances.


Entak is a master of explaining crafting games in a way anyone can understand, and exploring all of his options. This video shows him going to phase two and unlocking coal power and tractors. This was a pivotal point in the game for everyone is the alpha, and provides a great explanation for anyone playing the game on release.


There’s so many cool buildings to work on in Satisfactory that it’s easy to forget how many unique plants an animals there are in the game. The video title focuses on the adorable lizard doggo, but Blitz explores a huge amount of flora and fauna as well as taming that adorable animal companion.

Project Incursus Gaming

At five and a half hours, this livestream recording will require a bit of a time investment. But it offers an interesting perspective of Satisfactory. What if an engineer played the game and designed a factory? Will it be more efficient than the average player? Only one way to find out!

Biffa Plays Indie Games

Why does everyone make their factories outside? Real factories are mostly inside a building! In this video, Biffa creates an all-in-one, enclosed factory that is reminiscent of a real-life factory.

MangledPork Gaming

One of the coolest things in Satisfactory is the ability to do crazy things with conveyor belts. This is probably one of the first things new players will customize the hell out of, and this video gives some great ideas to start with.


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