A Year in Review: Satisfactory 2019

A Year in Review: Satisfactory 2019

Dec 20 Masonzero  

Can you believe that Satisfactory came out in early 2019? It feels like it has been in our hearts for much longer, and the sheer amount of content created around the game makes it seem like such a larger world. But despite all that, it only came out in early access in March 2019. Coffee Stain Studios have kept us informed and entertained along the whole journey, with their witty brand of humor. To celebrate the end of the year, they had a livestream going through the whole year of Satisfactory! In the spirit of that, here is our recap.

The End-of-Year Hangout

Coffee Stain Studios streamed on Twitch and YouTube for about 3 hours in mid-December, hosted by Jace, the beloved community manager who kept us laughing all year long. If you missed it, you can check that out here.

It features talks with some of the developers, a MEME. REVIEW., and a touching highlight video featuring the best moments from content creators and streamers playing Satisfactory!

Coffee Stain’s Year in Review

And of course, Coffee Stain Studios made their own awesome year in review video. Show them some love, because they deserve it!

A Special Thanks to Coffee Stain

As Satisfactory News, a fan site dedicated to the game, it’s incredible how much support we’ve gotten from Coffee Stain Studios and the Satisfactory team. Thank you Jace and everyone else who works in the online community for all the retweets, banter, and shoutouts! Speaking of which, thanks for the shoutout on the stream!

Remembering How Far We’ve Come

We may take for granted the current state of Satisfactory. There are plenty of features in the game now that didn’t used to be there. A lot has happened since day one.

In the beginning, alpha weekend happen! 1000 alpha key holders got to play Satisfactory on alpha weekend. The game drew in 25,000 concurrent viewers on Twitch! A few weeks later, the game became available for everyone to buy on the Epic Games store. Speaking of which, remember all the controversy about the Epic Games store? That seems to have died down – we really don’t see too many Reddit posts about that now, and people who want to play the game, are playing the game. But, the first few days saw some intense struggles for people trying to buy it.

Despite the rocky start and negative opinion of Epic Games, the game started off strong. We published a few guides to get people started on basic things like overclocking, and the first few patches were quick to fix the many bugs in the game.

It didn’t take long at all for fans to create interactive maps, and for big creators like JackSepticEye and Markiplier to latch onto the game. But it was creators like ImKibitz who kept up with the quality Satisfactory content that still goes on today. Fans started suggesting a million features on Reddit, some of which have been considered, and some of which are probably in a garbage can somewhere.

Then we posted one of my favorite articles on the whole site. This was the Screenshots From My Satisfactory Photography Journey post, and it was the result of exploring the map (as it stood in April 2019) and taking screenshots. This was a great look into how beautiful Satisfactory is. Say what you will about the state of the game at any given time, but you can’t deny that it looks good. This world is well-crafted, and effects and textures look good.

Next, Coffee Stain Studios decided to clog up our desktops with another Satisfactory client. This was Satisfactory Experimental, and was a way to push major updates to players without borking their main game. Then once that update was stable, the main game would receive it. This worked out super well, and the first major content update saw conveyor lifts, the quartz research tree (including a new vehicle), and the sulfur research tree (including explosives). Some recipes were changed, nodes were adjusted, and a million other small additions and fixes were applied. There were so many exciting updates in this update, but coming just over a month after release, players had found ways around a lot of the missing parts of the game. Conveyor lifts are great, and it’s hard to imagine a world without them. But in the month preceding their introduction, players created elaborate lift systems that accomplished the same thing, but less efficiently.

The fans really started showing themselves at this time. Around the time of the Experimental release, we saw fans creating custom Lego sets around the game, and mods started making their way on the scene. Since Coffee Stain themselves can take a while to push out large updates, these mods have kept YouTube content around the game alive and well!

The next big news came in May and June. Nuclear power and trains entered the arena, which were game-changers! Nuclear power plants revolutionized how players powered their factories, and trains changed the way that they traveled.

Since nuclear and trains, things have been quiet. Coffee Stain pushed out Update #3 until early 2020, but you can bet we’re excited to see what that update will bring!

In the meantime, we have plenty of memes, great jokes from Jace and Snutt on Twitter, and of course plenty to still do in the game itself!


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