Best of r/SatisfactoryPorn

Best of r/SatisfactoryPorn

May 10 DrCraigus  

No, not like that! This is Satisfactory, not Overwatch. r/SatisfactoryPorn is a subreddit dedicated to taking a step back from your massive factories and just gazing into the beautiful world you inhabit. So, more like food-porn, rather than porn-porn. It’s easy to get so immersed in your never-ending pursuit to automate every little aspect of your daily Satisfactory life, that you forget to really appreciate the natural beauty of the world you’re burning alive with carbon emissions. Trust me, this wouldn’t be the first time you, as a human being has done it. The lands that Coffee Stain Studios have meticulously crafted is not to be overlooked. You really haven’t lived in this game until you’ve visited the beautiful locations in this game. Now without further ado, here are my personal favorite landscape shots from the subreddit:

r/SatisfactoryPorn Landscape Shots

As you can clearly see, The world of Satisfactory has many awe-inspiring images to witness made from nothing but what is provided to the player by the very land itself. However, in an almost Shakespearian twist on things, our own machinery we create can often be extremely pleasing to the eye as well. The people on r/SatisfactoryPorn more than confirm this idea. Their creations are as practical as they are beautiful:

r/SatisfactoryPorn Factory Shots

Obviously, we wouldn’t have these amazing pictures to look at if it weren’t for the people who posted them, as credited under each screenshot. If you want to see more content like this, as I do, give the folks over at r/SatisfactoryPorn some love!


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