Breaking Down Satisfactory Update v0.3.4.14

Breaking Down Satisfactory Update v0.3.4.14

Jun 02 Masonzero  

With the Steam release of Satisfactory on the horizon, Coffee Stain Studios has released another update for the Early Access branch of the game. Many of these updates carry over from the Experimental branch and have proven themselves. The patch notes are pretty extensive, but first let’s focus on some of the most interesting updates to come out of this version.

Making Things Easier

This update of Satisfactory deals with some balancing issues and makes the game overall more fun.

While the regrowth rate of Beryl Nuts and Paleberries has always been a bit confusing, these health consumables now regrow roughly every 3 in-game days. This should make it much easier to stay alive while exploring.

One of the biggest changes is the storage capacity of fluid containers. Previously, it was very inefficient to transport liquids on trains because the fluid wagon barely held anything compared to the regular freight wagon. It was easier to package liquids and transport them via a freight car! Now, fluid wagons hold 1600 instead of 500, fluid platforms hold 2400 instead of 500, fluid buffers hold 400 instead of 300, and industrial fluid buffers hold 2400 instead of 1200. These are all massive increases and greatly increase the flexibility of fluids – certainly one of the hardest aspects of Satisfactory to master.

New Meshes and Looks

Lots of existing items and buildings have received a new coat of paint.

Most notably, all of the train platforms have new meshes that look simply incredible compared to the old version. In addition, conveyor poles, conveyor wall attachments, and conveyor walls have new meshes.

In terms of equipment, the Chainsaw and Object scanner have updated looks, and the Chainsaw has brand new sound effects.

Bars on Bars on Bars

Another incredibly exciting addition to Early Access that has already been in Experimental is the hotbars. You can have up to 10 hotbars each with 10 shortcuts. This makes it easy to have different customized loadouts of shortcuts if you want to be ready for just about any building project. It’s great if you have a design for a factory that has just a few main components (a couple of buildings, power poles, concrete floors) and you want to repeat it across your game.

There are dozens of other great updates and bug fixes in this update, so read below to see the full patch notes.

You can also check out this breakdown video from our friend MaxTheCatfish over on YouTube!

Update 3 Patch Notes: Early Access – v0.3.4.14 – Build 123631

Hi Pioneers!

Today all changes that have been on Experimental (plus a few additional bug fixes) are making their way on to the Early Access version! This includes a whole lot of bug fixes and some additions to the game that I will be going over in short, but make sure to check out the patch notes below where we have summarized all of it.

The biggest changes we are introducing is a substantial increase to the fluid transport capacity of Trains and an increase to the fluid storage capacity of Buffers, a new overflow setting for Smart & Programmable Splitters, and the ability to map out a total of 10 different Hotbars and switch between them quickly.

On top of those changes the Train Platforms, standard Conveyor Poles, Chainsaw, and Object Scanner got an update to their looks. A lot of smaller feedback improvements have been implemented in the UI as well and this version includes the new Epic Online Services implementation, which you largely shouldn’t notice. It does give you all the ability to connect to sessions via a Session ID without having to be on someone’s friend list.

There are a lot more tweaks and changes, including 50+ bug fixes of which many are addressing client bugs. Let us know on the questions site if any issues persist, or new ones pop up.

Hope all of you will enjoy this patch! <3


  • Beryl Nuts and Paleberries now regrow around every 3 in-game days
  • Overflow setting on Smart & Programmable Splitter


  • Increased storage capacity for the following:
    • Fluid Freight Platform, from 500 to 2400m3
    • Fluid Freight Wagon, from 500 to 1600m3
    • Fluid Buffer, from 300 to 400m3
    • Industrial Fluid Buffer, from 1200 to 2400m3
  • Adjusted handcrafting times for some later game parts to reflect their complexity
  • Power Shards production times changed to work better with Constructor sounds
  • Color Cartridge production cycle shortened, production values are unchanged
  • Moved one of the Rocky Desert new game spawning positions to a better location


  • It should now be easier to build stairs downwards
  • Added multiple Hotbars that can be cycled through via Alt + mouse wheel up and down


  • New Epic Online Services (EOS) implementation for online session handling etc.


  • All languages were updated
  • Added Vietnamese


  • New look for all Train Platforms
  • Updated Conveyor Pole meshes and all Conveyor wall attachments and Conveyor Walls
  • Added inverted corner Ramps to the AWESOME Shop and restructured some of the packs


  • Updated Chainsaw look
  • Updated Object Scanner look
  • Updated Chainsaw sounds


  • Added autosave notifications with options to turn them on or off
  • Added a tooltip for head lift in Pipeline Pumps
  • Updated the visual style of keybinding hints in all relevant menus
  • Added some basic feedback for the Building Sampler / Eyedropper tool
  • Added an additional onboarding step highlighting the Codex
  • Reworked onboarding Hint text
  • Onboarding Hints are now received as emails that can be looked up in the Codex
  • Changed starting area descriptions and order in the New Game menu
  • Added tooltips for Smart/Programmable Splitter settings to clarify their purposes
  • Added a search bar to Smart/Programmable Splitter
  • Added some reminders that multiplayer has more bugs than single player in relevant menus
  • Show/hide map filters now saves when closing the menu
  • Moved Walkways into the Organization tab in the AWESOME Shop to be consistent with the Build Menu
  • Updated descriptions, naming, and categories of various buildings, equipment, and unlocks
  • Search bars now detect multiple search words when applicable
  • Added a standby switch to the AWESOME Sink menu
  • Improved visibility of Space Elevator requirements for Tiers in the Hub Menu
  • Added a pop up to notify offline players that they are not online when opening the join menu
  • Added a warning when copying the session ID from a private session, since private session cannot be joined
  • Improved the player status shown on the in-game friends list with more information (no longer just “Exploring, Building a factory, etc.”)
  • Changed some Hub Milestone icons to fit better with their content
  • Updated the Ping effect


  • Added ladder climbing animations


  • New Conveyor Belt mesh & icon for Limestone
  • Tweaked raw resource icons to be more distinguishable from each other
  • New icons for several resources
    • Cables, Concrete, Leaves, Packaged Water


  • Tweaked sounds for all vehicles


  • Polish on encounters, enemies, jump puzzles, and collectables in the Dune Desert
  • Improved some ambient sound areas in the Dune Desert
  • Added some pick-up SFX and VFX for foliage that was missing it


  • Increased the size of Flying Crabs to make them easier to hit and track
  • Increased the stun delay and downward force on the Flying Crabs so they are on the ground a little bit longer


  • Performance improvements for Freight Platforms
  • Triangle amount optimisation for Pipes
  • Optimised and updated a large amount of visual effects
  • Optimised Conveyor Belt visuals
  • Small network and replication graph optimizations to improve host performance in multiplayer


  • Client players can no longer get unlimited hotbars when joining repeatedly
  • Client players no longer need to re-equip equipment on join for it to function
  • The autosave notification no longer gets stuck when changing autosave interval while the notification is visible
  • Chainsawing Berry/Nut Bushes now gives the Berries or Nuts and no longer displays “No Space for N/A”
  • Fixed a bug where creatures could lose track of the player when they jump too high, this was most noticeable when slide jumping and losing Lizard Doggos that follow the player
  • The Trains handbrake animation will no longer end up in a spamming loop
  • Conveyor Belts and Pipes no longer get odd shapes after dismantling an attachment such as a Merger
  • Build feedback for client players no longer states they have enough building resources when they don’t
  • Reduced the collision on the Bailey Palm Tree so players can walk around it as expected
  • Fixed some visual glare issues on tree stems
  • Fixed a bug where the camera position could get stuck on respawn, not allowing players to look down for example
  • Fixed some visual issues on the Fuel Generator that made it look either too dark or intensely glowing
  • Fixed some visual issues on the Hub and Drop Ship
  • It is no longer possible to duplicate items in storages or other inventories by opening them with both Host and Client
  • Fixed some further flow issues in fluid networks
  • Potentially fixed a crash that can occur when a client player builds a building in multiplayer
  • Fixed some missing meshes in a Dune Desert cave
  • Train timetables should now work for client players in multiplayer
  • Fixed tractor gearing sounds
  • The onboarding button prompts now properly show the key bindings set by the player on the options menu
  • All the mushrooms in the Northern Forest should be back on the ground
  • Hotbars should no longer disappear for client players when logging out and joining back in
  • Fixed some fog bugs in the world
  • Fixed the World->bInTick crash that could occur when a client joins a game
  • Building visuals should no longer persist for client players after dismantling
  • Smart & Programmable Splitters should no longer back up on duplicate rule definitions
  • Partially fixed unusual behavior of fluids and headlift below Z-0 (under a specific height in the world), fluids are still behaving a bit restless when below Z-0 so we will continue to investigate this
  • Clients should now be able to correctly build and snap Freight Cars
  • Weapons should no longer keep firing if primary fire was held down while switching to the build gun or dismantle gun.
  • Dismantle effect should no longer persist if the Build Gun is unequipped while dismantling
  • Shift clicking/Ctrl Clicking items into vehicle storages no longer replaces things already in the fuel slot
  • Fixed a rare crash related to loading train tracks
  • Parachute should be usable for clients now
  • Client players can now properly interact with Lizard Doggo inventories
  • Client players can now see Gas Mask filter consumption
  • Client players can now see the Space Elevator animations
  • Client players can now interact with Trains when the host is far away
  • The Hub is no longer invisible for a short moment when completing the final upgrade
  • Train Stations can now be dismantled and rebuilt in the same spot when adjacent to Foundations
  • Train Station clearance is fixed so Foundations can be built around it properly
  • Trains and Freight Cars now snap better to each other at track intersections and turnouts
  • Fixed some missing or wrongly scaled Limestone node meshes
  • Fixed a crash on load with assert for IsInParallelRenderingThread and IsInRenderThread
  • Conveyor Belt mesh no longer shows up before the Build Effect is played
  • Clients should see less build effects replaying when joining a game
  • Resource extractors now check whether the full resource stack size can be extracted into the output, which will pause production correctly if that is not the case (most noticeable on Oil/Water Extractors)
  • Items will no longer be lost by placing them into a dismantling building’s inventory
  • Items can no longer be duplicated by taking them from a dismantling building’s inventory
  • Fixed some creature respawn issues
  • Supercomputer research naming is now consistent with the part naming
  • Fixed some gas areas and encounters in Rocky Desert that were problematic
  • Clients can now empty single Pipelines and Fluid Buffers
  • Clients can now toggle standby correctly in production buildings, generators and resource extractors
  • Set 0 second researches to 3 seconds in the MAM to solve invisible completion problem for Client players
  • Fixed a bug where rebinding certain keys could result in “…” being displayed
  • Fixed a bug where rebinding mappings with modifier keys left the conflicting mapping with “None”

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Mason has years of experience writing for blogs on a variety of topics. Now he is excited to highlight the awesome things you can do in Satisfactory. He hails from Portland, Oregon and loves gaming with his wife and petting their cat, Henry. He can be reached at [email protected]

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