Satisfactory Steam Release Date Announced

May 29  Masonzero  

Ever since Satisfactory first came out on the Epic Games Store, players have asked the age-old question: “Steam when?” But now Coffee Stain Studios have officially set a date for the Satisfactory Steam release. Be sure to add the game […]

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Unpacking the Satisfactory Update #3 Videos

Jan 23  Masonzero  

Satisfactory Update 3 is about to come out, and Coffee Stain Studios has been teasing us with a few videos showing off the new features. It all started with the Coupon Shop. And then everyone thought it meant microtransactions. Yup, […]

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Weekly Satisfactory Updates – March 29, 2019

Mar 29  Masonzero  

Satisfactory has been available to the public for a week and a half now, so people have really had a chance to dive into it. It also has been updated slightly already, which is to be expected since the game […]

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Satisfactory Alpha Weekend Officially Open

Satisfactory’s alpha weekend opened up today, giving alpha key holders the opportunity to start playing and streaming. And stream they did! Even early in the day, Satisfactory was raking in over 25,000 concurrent viewers on Twitch, beating out other popular titles such as Grand Theft Auto V and World of Warcraft.

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