A Look at the (Unofficial) Satisfactory Mods

May 30  Masonzero  

Satisfactory hasn’t even been out for two months, and yet the community is already trying to mod it. Ficsit.app utilizes the FICSIT company name from Satisfactory as a hub for user-created modifications to the game. So far, they add in […]

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More Than Satisfactory: The Amazing Aftermath of The Two Day Closed Alpha

When Coffee Stain Studios dropped a closed Alpha for their up and coming game, Satisfactory, to the Epic Games Launcher, early birds ate the game and its diverse content up while they still could. March 8th – 10th marked the beta’s short, yet prosperous lifespan, but make no mistake, the game’s community was hard at work all weekend creating interesting machines and pushing the game to its limits when it came to exploration, multiplayer, and even building minigames, all within the two day timeslot the developers allowed them.

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