How Smart Splitters Work in Satisfactory

How Smart Splitters Work in Satisfactory

Apr 16 Masonzero  

Smart splitters are a high-tier building in Satisfactory that can really be a game-changer! However, it can be a bit confusing how they work. In this blog, we’ll talk in detail about how to optimally use smart splitters.

What Smart Splitters Do

satisfactory smart splitter menu no outputs selected
The smart splitter menu before outputs are set.

Smart splitters are not necessarily “smart”. They can obey very simple commands on how to split items. Essentially, if you have a conveyor with multiple resource types going into a smart splitter, the splitter can be programmed to sort those resources.

With three outputs, you could have three different items on a single input, and decide which output will be assigned to each material. For each output, you can choose a specific item, any item, or no item. Obviously if you choose a specific item, it will output that item from that end.

Advanced Usage

satisfactory smart splitter menu outputs selected
A smart splitter with a resource set to go out the left and right outputs.

There is also a priority to the outputs. The priority is center, left, then right. The splitter checks the center to see if it matches, then moves on from there. If you set the same item for each of the three outputs, then it will only output from the center.

Unfortunately, this also means that if one of the outputs gets backlogged, nothing will go through. Essentially the splitter gets full and blocks the other two outputs.

Also interesting to note is the priority of specifying an item. If you set the center to any item, and the right side to a specific item, that item will only go down the right side. So, if you specify an item, it can’t go down any other routes.

How to Optimize Your Smart Splitters

satisfactory smart splitters with three items backed up
The issue at hand. Nothing is moving right now. The quickwire on the left output is there becuase I put that in the storage container first. The wire in the center is there becuase I put it in the container second. And the steel plates are on the right, backing up the entire system and preventing the rest of the wire and quickwire from leaving the container. Meaning one backup leads to a lack of the other materials going through a smart splitter.

To optimally use a smart splitter at this point in time, you’ll need to make sure you never have backlogs. You should also send no more than three items down a conveyor going into a smart splitter, unless you have more smart splitters down the line to split what you split!

You will also need to prioritize your directions, since the center gets used first.

Ideas to Improve Smart Splitters

An improved version of the smart splitters would need some critical optimizations. First of all, you would need to be able to control how much each output should send out. This would be ideal for a splitter that is splitting the same material. This could help prevent backups, and make sure an optimal amount of a material is flowing in each direction.

It would also be nice if overflow issues didn’t occur. It makes sense, really, but sort of ruins the point of a splitter if one backlog kills the entire thing!

Hopefully this gives you a bit of a better understand of how smart splitters work and why they are useful. You can’t unlock them until you’ve research Caterium, so maybe you haven’t even encountered them yet. If you have, do you prefer them over regular splitters, or do they just complicate things?


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