How to Get Nuclear Power in Satisfactory (Update 3)

How to Get Nuclear Power in Satisfactory (Update 3)

Aug 17 Masonzero  

Hey everyone! We got a ton of love for our nuclear power article and video but unfortunately, it’s incredibly out of date now. We made it about Update 2, and Update 3 changes the functionality completely.

So, first of all, it’s going to be hard to do everything all in one place. You’ll need to transport some materials at least a short distance. There are only 3 uranium nodes on the entire map. And only one of them is near a large body of water. And you’ll need a lot of water to supply the plants. But in addition to transporting the uranium, you will also need to transport quite a few materials from your factory. These parts end up using almost every raw material on the map, so your nuclear project is no small endeavor.

The Parts for Nuclear Power

Here are the basics of setting up nuclear. We’re going to go through each part one by one, and talk about how to make them. Then we’re going to talk about the minimum number of buildings and materials you need to get your first nuclear power plant online.

Nuclear Fuel Rods

Nuclear plants burn nuclear fuel rods, which are somewhat complex. They require a lot of materials, so let’s start with the most basic one, that being encased industrial beams. Encased industrial beams take only two ingredients, concrete and steel beams. Steel beams are made from steel ingots, so you’ll need to have limestone, coal, and iron to make encased industrial beams. From there, you’ll just need constructors to make concrete and steel beams. And then more assemblers to make the encased industrial beams. Easy, that’s one ingredient done.

Electromagnetic Control Rods

Next is electromagnetic control rods. These just require an assembler to make, but that doesn’t mean they’re not complex. The first ingredient for control rods is stators. These are made in an assembler from steel pipes and wire. So we’re going to need copper, iron, and coal production. Steel ingots will need to be made, and then they’ll need to be formed into steel pipes. The second ingredient is AI limiters, which are similarly complex. They require copper sheets and quickwire, meaning you need to have copper and caterium mining, as well as constructors to form each of the ingots of those materials into their necessary parts.

Uranium Cells

If you thought the control rods were fun, just wait until you see how encased uranium cells are made. These are just two parts, but introduce some exciting components. Concrete is one of the ingredients, which is pretty easy to work with. The other ingredient is uranium pellets. These are made from uranium, as well as sulfuric acid. And sulfuric acid is a liquid. Fun… The uranium is fine since it’s straight out of the mine. But the sulfuric acid combines water and sulfur. This means you need to mine sulfur, but also run water to your factory. An interesting quirk of uranium pellets is that their production creates some sulfuric acid as a byproduct. This ends up being easy to deal with. You can just put it back into the system to create more uranium pellets.

Putting it All Together

So once you have encased industrial beams, electromagnetic control rods, and uranium pellets, you can combine them all in a manufacturer to create nuclear fuel rods! Then just funnel these into your nuclear power plant and you’ll be on track to getting nuclear power.

This is easily one of the most complex parts in all of Satisfactory. It requires the mining of iron, coal, copper, limestone, caterium, sulfur, and uranium – nearly all of the raw materials in the game.

While this all sounds bad, nuclear power plants really don’t ask for a lot. A nuclear fuel rod will last for 5 minutes at maximum power utilization. This means you don’t need to produce very many. It only takes a manufacturer two and a half minutes to create a fuel rod, so one manufacturer clocked at 100% can supply two power plants perfectly. It will create excess if you’re not using 100% of your available power.

Needed Buildings

So now let’s work backwards and see how many buildings we need.

Encased industrial beams will require only one assembler. The beams get created at a rate of 6 per minute, but only consumed at a rate of 1.2 per minute. Your concrete and steel beam production don’t even need to be optimal, because there is plenty of overheard in this part of the supply line.

You will need 2 electromagnetic control rods per minute. In an assembler, 4 will be created per minute, so at optimal speeds you’ll be creating double the needed amount. We’ll be operating under the assumption that we’re only making as much as we need, and no more. A fully-supplied assembler creating stators makes 5 per minute, our assembler needs 3. AI limiters also create 5 per minute, but we only need 2. The great part about this is that we only need one assembler for each ingredient, and just one assembler making control rods as well. Copper sheets can be made at a rate of 10 per minute on one constructor, and we need 10 per minute to create enough AI limiters. This is perfect. Quickwire will require 40 per minute, which a single constructor can supply.

Encased uranium cells don’t require much fancy math, because we need 10 of them per minute, and that’s exactly how many an assembler can produce. We just need to make sure this assembler is fully supplied. The needed 9 concrete per minute should be easy to supply. Even uranium pellets should be easy, since we only need 40 of the maximum of 50 that an assembler can produce. We will need 40 uranium straight from the mine, as well as 64 sulfuric acid, which one refinery can produce. Keep in mind that 16 sulfuric acid will be added back to the system through the process of creating the uranium pellets. The sulfuric acid will only need one refinery and one water extractor itself.

Obviously, a lot of these numbers are ridiculously low. Save yourself the trouble and set up two nuclear reactors with all of these machines at 100%. If you want more reactors, then increase the production of all of these items. Some will support many more reactors until you need to create an additional building. But you’ll need an additional manufacturer for nuclear fuel rods, right away.

Water and Waste

Now onto the issue of water. Each nuclear power plant requires a full pipe of water at 300 per minute. This means no splitting pipes. You will need 3 water extractors to fill one pipe.

There is also the issue of waste. Players have come up with creative ways to dispose of waste, but the easiest way is to create a large number of storage containers, then never visit your nuclear plant ever again. Nuclear waste is the only item other than the HUB parts that cannot be destroyed. It needs to be stored forever. A nuclear power plant will create 5 waste per minute at maximum. It stores in stacks of 500, so it will take a long time to fill up. A single nuclear power plant operating at maximum capacity would take 40 hours to fill up a single industrial storage container. So as long as you create a decently large bank of containers, you shouldn’t have to worry about nuclear waste for a long time. And when you eventually do fill them up, you’ll know.

Nuclear Plant Placement

In terms of placement, there are a lot of great coastal options that will ensure several things. You will have virtually unlimited access to water, plenty of room to create a flat concrete platform to put more nuclear plants on, and you’ll be less likely to pass through your radiated regions if they’re right along a coastline rather than somewhere in the center of the map. The downside is that you will need to transport some materials pretty far, but this shouldn’t be a problem for most Satisfactory players. We’re not afraid to make a sky-bridge or some other obscenely large structure, in the name of efficiency.

And that’s all about nuclear power. Much like in real life, nuclear power can provide an absolute ton of power, but at the cost of it being difficult to produce the materials for. Let us know in the comments what you’re using for power in Satisfactory and if you’re excited to try out nuclear power for the first time. Subscribe if you haven’t already, and leave a like if you enjoyed the video.

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