How to Keep Your Factory Organized, You Slob

How to Keep Your Factory Organized, You Slob

Aug 07 Masonzero  

We get it, your factory probably looks like your bedroom – junk all over the floor, layers and layers of who knows what, and no hope of actually finding what you’re looking for. When it’s your room, you lose your favorite shirt, or maybe your wallet. But in Satisfactory, you might accidentally delete the only wire keeping your factory running.

In this post, I’ll be going through some of the ways I personally organize my factory. I’m a little obsessively organized in general, and like my factory to look nice, so these ideas may inspire you to take simple steps to clean up your mess. And hey, maybe do that with your bedroom as well.

Cleaning Up Power Lines

If you’ve already set up your power, I’m sorry. This is going to be a little more difficult to fix. If you’re starting fresh, then this should be much easier.

Organizing your power lines gets a lot easier later in the game when you can access wall-mounted power poles that sit on factory walls, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible in the early game.

All Your Ducks in a Row

My favorite tactic when making a new factory setup is to align all of my buildings with each other (hey there’s another organizational tip) and put power poles between them. By this, I mean that I find the center line between the buildings, which will show up on screen, then place the power pole as close as I can to the building. This is fine on either side, although if you really want to avoid annoying clipping, pick the side with the clearest path to the building’s power connector. Now you can hook up each power pole to each other, in a line, and to their respective buildings. Yes, this is a waste of power poles since you’re not using all of the possible connections. If you wanted to use fewer poles, you could do a pole for every two machines, and connect to each one. To connect it to your grid, you can pretty much do whatever you want, but you’ll be able to just use a single line to connect an entire factory.

Wall-Mounted Power Poles

Later in the game, you will unlock wall-mounted power poles. These are a real game-changer, especially the ones that go through the wall and pop out on both sides. Using these, you can enclose a factory with walls, and run power lines out of them without any clipping or even doorways. You can also run power lines along the side of walls to keep the wires out of your way when walking.

Right Angles

Right angles help keep things clean. Don’t let yourself create diagonal wires! Here’s an example. Rather than running a wire from a power pole diagonally to a building, instead add an extra power pole to create a right angle. This does use a few more resources, but is worth it for how clean things will look.

Cleaning Up Belts

The game literally has built-in features so that you can clean up your belts. Use them, you monster.

Splitters and Mergers

Load balancing is a thing that you may or may not do, but there are ample opportunities to use splitters and mergers to clean up your belts.

My default for a new factory with a line of machines is this: Put a splitter in front of every machine, and a merger behind every machine. I place these a short distance away from my machines, basically enough that I can still see the belt and a few items on it. This ensures that I have one belt feeding all of my machines, and one belt taking finished items away. This doesn’t work if your belts can’t keep up with necessary input or production, but this helps clean things up immensely. Even using stackable conveyor poles in order to run multiple lines can help a lot with saving ground space.

Perfect Corners

Here’s a trick I see ignored far too often. You can easily make perfect corners by aligning your belts in a certain way. Let’s use conveyor poles to lay it out. Set one conveyor pole where you want the curve to begin. For the second conveyor pole, start by spinning it 90 degrees go back a few paces, then align it on the next “square” after the first pole. This will allow the belt you connect between them to make a perfect 90-degree turn with an appealing curve. This method works with conveyor poles and stackable conveyor poles, so go wild with them all around your factory.

Hide the Mess

When in doubt, just shove everything under the bed.

In the case of Satisfactory, that means shove everything under your base.

The surface of my base looks pretty good, but the underside is another story. This is my “cheat” area, where belts don’t have to look good and clipping is allowed. I’m not proud of it, but I also rarely have to see it. It makes building organized factories easier, as I can just run any materials that I need under the whole base and pop them back out when needed. I’m not saying this is the most ideal if you’re trying to keep things clean, but it’s something.

This advice is also great for anything that is more visible. Just cover it up with some walls and you’ll be looking good. You don’t need to see your item bus or your load balancer anyways, right?

Cleaning Up Pipes

Pipes can get pretty crazy, although not as much as belts. But they’re still a problem.

Getting your pipes in order is easy. Just keep in mind the tips about clean conveyor belts and power poles. Always run your pipes in straight lines using perfect right-angle corners, and avoid both clipping and diagonal turns if possible.

Pipe splitters are your best friend and enable you to split a single pipe off into several machines. If space is a concern, you can sometimes use pipe splitters to send fluids up or down rather than horizontally.

Having a Clean Factory

Pretty much everyone does this, but I love to start off my base on concrete platforms as soon as possible, and then keep building off from there. If possible, I like to keep expanding so that other portions of the base can be on the same grid. Obviously this is difficult if you’re trying to move all the way across the map, and only the most dedicated players should attempt this. But for your expansive main base, try to orient it all on the same grid, which is done the easiest by connecting it all with concrete.

What do you do to keep your factory clean? Or is it a complete mess? Share with us in the comments how organized your factory is and if you’re going to make any attempts to clean it up.

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Mason has years of experience writing for blogs on a variety of topics. Now he is excited to highlight the awesome things you can do in Satisfactory. He hails from Portland, Oregon and loves gaming with his wife and petting their cat, Henry. He can be reached at [email protected]

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  • CommentMan
    Dec 17, 2020 @ 10:36 am

    I’m running a coop-satisfactory map with someone like you… We are always clashing about the right way to do stuff… He always wants to keep things nice and tidy while I want to progress and play efficient… It’s horrible… sometimes he even unpluggs the power just to rebuild a whole factory branch… I can’t understand this playstyle xD


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