Interview with Satisfaction Labs (#ONE28AF Challenge)

Interview with Satisfaction Labs (#ONE28AF Challenge)

Feb 04 Masonzero  

Satisfaction Labs is a Satisfactory fan community that has made its name known recently due to their 128 player project called one28af, in which they would stack 127 players on top of each other in one server, with the final person taking the screenshot. We caught up with the team behind Satisfaction Labs to ask them about their love for the game and what their community is all about!

SCNHow did you decide to start (or get involved with) Satisfaction Labs?

Decapo – The game came out close to my birthday so I bought the game for me and a few of my friends, sadly they didn’t like the game as much as I did (fools) So I started a community to find other ‘Satisfactitions’ to chat with, I am happy that this has grown to this size this quick.

Josh – I enjoyed watching the pre-release content from CSS [Coffee Stain Studios] and decided that this was gonna be my new favourite game before it even came out. I was streaming and made a few videos before being invited by 3 different people in the same week to “this discord for aesthetic builds” and then “someone” gave me a mod role 😉

BraindG – I was doing my own thing, but I was getting bored of little builds and decided to go EPIC, Decapo spotted me and saw that I was doing something different to other people and invited me to this event one weekend, one map with about 13 people building at the same time, I used my son’s PC as host and it was surprisingly stable.

SCN – Why make a community around Satisfactory, and not some other game?

Decapo – After seeing the E3 trailer I knew this game would be my Shit – shame I never got an alpha key #BlameSimon

Josh – For the Lolz

SCN – What kinds of events do you do as a Discord server?

Josh – We started with a few community let’s plays and many people were jumping in and out of each other’s games, it was only recently when we did the big #ONE28AF event that we really started planning and taking the factory seriously!

SCN – Talk about the one28af challenge and how that has gotten your community onto Coffee Stain’s radar.

Josh – It was suggested by one of our members, Naqua, that we should try and beat Snutt’s 17 man tower and try and break the game, well we certainly did that!

BraindG – With the back and forth on Twitter, SatisfactoryAF retweeting and supporting the event we reached so many new people and were able to get closer than (Jace) ever thought we’d get. We had around 200 people pass through the host in the attempt to hit 128 in a single session.

Decapo – It was a fantastic surprise to see Jace, Snutt, and Simon drop in and get involved, and also we understand others from CSS were in the stream watching and chatting.

SCN – What goals does your server have (promoting streamers, sharing game ideas, things like that)?

BraindG – One of the first objectives is and always will be connecting people, sharing and discussing ideas.

Decapo – We are planning more and more things with the community hoping to get everyone involved, to get a growing and thriving group of like-minded lunatics.

SCN – How often do you stream Satisfactory? Is it a community effort?

Decapo – Lol, when I get time

Josh – We almost always seem to have someone streaming, it was really important when I joined to set up a “currently streaming” highlight so anyone who joins can find someone to watch and to enjoy the game with.

SCN – What do you do IRL, and did that play into your love of Satisfactory?

Decapo – I build/design ‘puter chips, so I like designing complex things… I got bored building CPUs out of Redstone in Minecraft, now I build logistics highways in Satisfactory.

Josh – My day-to-day is pretty boring, but I make a lot of spreadsheets, so before the calculators were finished I had a pretty messy spreadsheet for Satisfactory, needless to say I know which is better 😉

BraindG – I’m a solutions architect, specifically focused on Global Migrations process, design and optimisation, so I’m really anal about process which definitely helps a lot, I like my ducks to be firmly aligned and my T’s to be crossed.

Josh – And his Shaft’s to be blue.

SCN – What other games do you enjoy playing?

Decapo – Minecraft and GTA

Josh – (Apparently he plays with pink guns.)

BraindG – Really only PUBG and a bit of WOW.

Josh – I’m a big fan of the Final Fantasy series, but Satisfactory is the only game taking away my sleep.

SCN – Satisfaction Labs seems to be all about pushing things to the limit – where does this fascination with pushing boundaries come from, and have you been doing this for other games too?

Josh – I would say this was just us agreeing on a great idea from a fellow community member, we had been building steadily for a while and I think everyone was at the same point of wondering what to do with the wait for update 3.

Decapo – I’ve always personally, with anything to do with engineering and design, tried to make or design the best possible thing I can. This challenge and building crazy things in Satisfactory fall naturally into that goal.

SCN – What are you doing to prepare for Update #3?

Decapo – Buildin’ traaains.

Brain – Organising silly events! Most of us have been preparing rail networks and empty shells for a new factory, I personally have been perfecting the factory’s design.

Josh – Sleeping… and planning some community events for the next round of #ONE28AF – I have also been supporting Anthor ( with some math madness which has enabled him to add more and more features to the calculator which we get sneak peeks of in the Discord (usually showcased by Smerkin 5000 on his stream).

SCN – What are you excited about for Update #3?

Decapo – Adding even more sexiness to my bases.

BraindG – New building stuffs, there are so many walls and foundation options teased… that and the ability to have more than 57 players in the game.

Josh My FICSIT mug, Snutt promised me there’d be a mug and I want my cocoa.

SCN – If you could add any feature/item/mechanic/etc into Satisfactory what would you add?

Decapo *sneezes*

BraindG – That’s a weird suggestion.

Josh – Vanilla flying option that’s more stable and unlimited than jetpack, this would help the large builds without having to rely on mods.

BraindG – the ability to take a screenshot… in photo mode… AND BE ABLE TO SEE PLAYER NAMES… Jace…

Decapo – Train signals, with priority lanes and speed limits.

SCN – Why Discord over any other platforms?

Decapo – I’ve been a part of a lot of Discord community creations and am comfortable with the platform.

BraindG – Because it’s the global leader in VOIP for gamers.

Josh – We use the internal streaming regularly now so its been really useful and will be awesome for some future events.

SCN – Is Satisfactory the best game, or the BEST game?

BraindG – What is Satisfactory?

Josh – No?

Decapo – No it’s the worst game

BraindG – dogshitgame is the correct term

Josh – PS we love you JACE AND SNUTT.


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