My First Experience With Satisfactory

My First Experience With Satisfactory

Apr 04 DrCraigus  

Being a writer for an entire website dedicated to a particular game, you’d think I would have personal experience with that said game. Unfortunately, that would not be the case. Don’t get me wrong, I was excited to get my hands on Satisfactory since launch. But due to issues I covered in my other article, I simply wasn’t able to. That all changed today. And the second I had the time, I fired her up and sat down for a short two and a half hour session. Just me and the game, taking every opportunity to learn as I went. And to mine as much copper as I could possibly carry. And now I want to take you, the reader, back through my footsteps. So you too experience my first time seeing what Coffee Stain painstakingly created for us all to enjoy.

Humble Beginnings

The game likes to take its time in the first hour, introducing you to its world and story. It doesn’t get much slower than waiting in a claustrophobic landing craft and watching a company training video. But I mean that in the best way possible. It just works. After you’re dropped into a lush, new world, a computer companion runs you through the basics.

I dropped down in the third map (Northern Forest) and was amazed at the graphics quality, even being set to medium. It was so crisp and beautiful inside the little pod, then I went on the hunt for iron. I learned that a great deal of my time in the game would be spent mining iron, so I figured I should find some early. On my way through, I was jumped by an armadillo-looking alien, my first adversary. I was able to bullfight the creature until I killed it with my taser-like prod, and harvest its shell.

The Many Wonders and Uses of The Hub

On my way to my own personal paradise to start my factory, I collected as many leaves as possible. This would later turn out to be a great move, as I would have plenty of fuel for my generator right off the bat. At this point, I could already feel the progressive nature of the game and I was excited to get even further. Then I was introduced to the crafting system and was immediately impressed by the graphical interface. I loved the fact that you have to hold down the craft button and how satisfying it is when the item is created. It’s the little things.

There are a lot of other great graphical features. If you hold down the craft button for too long, the grate around it begins to visibly heat up. Eventually, it’ll get so hot, the craft button completely disappears. So far, this doesn’t actually do anything in the game, but it’s a fun visual feature.

I made it my personal goal to get to the max leveled HUB by the end of my session. Just barely scraping the end, I managed to get to level 5. By the first couple missions, my HUB looked like this:

(Almost) Automation

With my session coming to a close, I decided to get into the real meat and potatoes of the game: automation. Using the materials I had gathered with my own two hands, I constructed a simple, yet effective machine with a smelter and a crafter to make iron plates at a consistent rate. This proved to be very helpful early game and looked a little something like this:

I am so glad to be able to play Satisfactory with the rest of you now. And I can’t wait to sink countless hours into the game to build the biggest, most efficient factory I can manage.


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