How to Overclock Buildings in Satisfactory

How to Overclock Buildings in Satisfactory

Mar 15 Masonzero  

When you think of overclocking, you may think of the processor in your computer. And for overclocking in Satisfactory, that’s a pretty good place to start. In real life, overclocking a CPU will involve increasing the clock speed and potentially raising the power allowance.

In Satisfactory, it actually works very similar. You change the clock speed, and it changes the power usage in the same direction. What makes it confusing is that clock speed works differently for production buildings and power buildings. In this post, we’ll cover both types and what the optimal overclock is.

The one thing to keep in mind is that the default clock speed is 100%, and the clock speed can be changed from between 1% and 250%.

To unlock the ability to overclock at higher rates, you will need to research the different types of power slugs, and craft power shards from them.

Overclocking Production Buildings

When changing the clock speed of a production building, calculating the craft time is easy, because it is directly proportional. If your craft time at 100% is 4 seconds, then running it at 50% will take 8 seconds, and running at 200% would take 2 seconds.

So why wouldn’t you just maximize your overclock and have everything produced instantly? Well, the power required also changes, and it scales exponentially rather than linearly. Therefore, running at the lowest possible clock speed will result in the most power efficient production building, and pumping out something fast will use up a lot of power.

To calculate power usage, you can use this formula:

(power usage) = (initial power usage) × (clock speed / 100)1.6

So, if your item with a craft time of 4 seconds also uses up 4 MW, and you want to run it at a 200% overclock, then it would be 4 × (200 / 100)1.6 which is 12.1 MW.

Power usage in relation to clock speed percentage

Overclocking Power Buildings

Power buildings are a little more complicated, becuase both power capacity and fuel burn time change exponentially with an overclock. The energy per unit of fuel item remains constant, but a higher power capacity will result in a faster burn time.

The formula for fuel burn time is:

(fuel burn time) = (initial fuel burn time) / (clock speed / 100)1/1.3

The formula for power capacity is:

(power capacity) = (initial power capacity) × (clock speed / 100)1/1.3

Notice that these two formulas are just inverses of each other.

To keep things consistent, let’s assume that a fuel has a burn time of 4 seconds, resulting in 40 MW of power. Here is what the curves would look like for burn time and power capacity.

Burn time in relation to clock speed percentage
Power capacity in relation to clock speed percentage

What this tells us is not surprising. The more power you want to produce, the more resources you will need to keep it up. You’ll burn through your fuel units faster, but have more power overall. Basically, if you’ve optimized your fuel collection and have enough to always be running at 250%, you should!

Hopefully this helped you understand overclocking in Satisfactory. It’s important to understand how all of the factors can impact your factory. You would hate to run out of power just because you wanted to produce something faster.


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  • Shylor
    Mar 15, 2019 @ 7:53 am

    It’s kind of crazy how complex it gets when you really try to optimize. It will be exciting to see how people try to tap into this knowledge for the factory building.

    Those little power slugs mean a lot more then just… oh… shinny.


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