Why are Satisfactory Players so Dedicated?

May 26  Masonzero  

Since its initial alpha releasee in 2019, Satisfactory has been growing a cult following online. Over 60,000 people follow the game on Twitter, and the subreddit has over 70,0000 members. But what are the keys to its success? Why do […]

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Update 3 Patch Notes: Early Access (EXPERIMENTAL) – v0.3.4.1 – Build 119646

Apr 15  Masonzero  

Hey everyone! When I saw my Epic launcher updating a game this morning, I knew it could only mean that the much-anticipated Satisfactory update had arrived at last! And sure enough, the Experimental version has added some great new fixes […]

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Optimizing Belts in Satisfactory (Early and Late Game)

Mar 31  Masonzero  

Math is fun, but not for everyone. Today we’re breaking down some easy math so you can set up your factories easier! Efficiency is incredibly satisfying, so here is the ultimate guide to setting up your basic production to be […]

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Understanding Pipes and Fluids in Satisfactory Update 3

Mar 16  Masonzero  

Fluids are a new addition to Satisfactory in update 3. Pipes are finally in the game and instead of just knowing how to balance belts, we need to understand how fluids work! Today we’re going to go into how to […]

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5 Tips to Make Satisfactory Update 3 Easier

Feb 27  Masonzero  

One of the best parts about playing Satisfactory is seeing the fantastic quality-of-life updates the developers have added in. Experimental Update 3 and its initial patches bring in an absolute ton of quality of life improvements and we’re going to […]

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Satisfactory Patch Notes – v0.3.1.0 (Experimental)

Feb 18  Masonzero  

Hey Satisfactory News readers and Satisfactory addicts! If you’ve managed to tear your eyeballs away from the game, you may have noticed a new update today. This patch for experimental mode is full of quality of life updates and some […]

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Satisfactory Patch Notes Update #3

Feb 11  Masonzero  

Holy guacamole. This is Coffee Stain’s biggest update yet, and there is way too much to dive into. We’ll be writing individual articles about some of the new content, but in the meantime, here are the full patch notes straight […]

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Interview with Satisfaction Labs (#ONE28AF Challenge)

Feb 04  Masonzero  

Satisfaction Labs is a Satisfactory fan community that has made its name known recently due to their 128 player project called one28af, in which they would stack 127 players on top of each other in one server, with the final […]

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Unpacking the Satisfactory Update #3 Videos

Jan 23  Masonzero  

Satisfactory Update 3 is about to come out, and Coffee Stain Studios has been teasing us with a few videos showing off the new features. It all started with the Coupon Shop. And then everyone thought it meant microtransactions. Yup, […]

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A Year in Review: Satisfactory 2019

Dec 20  Masonzero  

Can you believe that Satisfactory came out in early 2019? It feels like it has been in our hearts for much longer, and the sheer amount of content created around the game makes it seem like such a larger world. […]

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