Satisfactory Basics: How Impure, Normal, and Pure Ore Deposits Work

Satisfactory Basics: How Impure, Normal, and Pure Ore Deposits Work

Apr 02 Masonzero  

There are a lot of numbers in Satisfactory, but one of the most critical is the amount of ore that can be taken out of impure, normal, and pure ore deposits. In this post, we will break down the different varieties of ore deposits and how best to use them.

Unless you really can’t avoid it, you should never put a miner on an impure ore source. There are enough normal ore deposits in the game that you should be able to skip the impure ones.

At 100% speed on a Miner MK1, an impure source will provide 30 ore per minute, a normal source will provide 60, and a pure source will provide 120. For a Miner MK2, double those numbers.

Optimal Mining Techniques

satisfactory ore deposits splitting

It may seem like you should only mine from pure sources to get the most out of your miners, but this is only the case if the rest of your infrastructure can keep up. A Mk. 1 conveyor belt can move 60 resources per minute, so there is no point in setting up on a pure ore source before you’ve unlocked better conveyors. A Mk. 2 belt can move 120, so it is ideal for pure sources.

However, an iron or copper smelter at 100% can only utilize 30 ore per minute. Your first impulse might be to locate an impure iron source, mine it, and send all of that ore into one smelter. A much better option would be to locate a normal deposit, mine it, then use a splitter to send that ore to two different smelters. Then you are mining 60 ore per minute, and sending 30 per minute to two smelters that each can take in exactly 30. You also don’t have to waste resources on two miners.

It’s important to balance your whole system. If you’re producing 30 ingots per minute from a smelter, the ingots should be going into a constructor that uses exactly 30 per minute. If it requires more, there will be downtime as the constructor has to shut down and restart when it refills with enough materials. It’s always important to be efficient!


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