Satisfactory Experimental’s Coolest Additions

Satisfactory Experimental’s Coolest Additions

May 08 Masonzero  

The new experimental build of Satisfactory is for Coffee Stain Studios to drop their potentially bug-ridden updates without blowing up anyone’s main game. Diving into this mode is worth it though, because it has some truly awesome items and features in it! We’re going to talk about the best additions in this post, and how to best use them.

The Explorer

While the Tractor has been the go-to exploration vehicle for quite a while now, it comes with some downsides. It’s not very responsive, it doesn’t move all that fast, and it has trouble going over hills and obstacles.

Experimental mode brings us the Explorer, a dedicated exploration vehicle. This is fast, handles fairly well, and can traverse obstacles better, even climbing up almost sheer inclines.

Climbing up the side of a sheer cliff!

Unlocking it requires unlocking the quartz research chain. If you’ve been hoarding quartz then this should be no problem for you. If not, then get exploring! First, you’ll need some quartz to research, then you can put materials into the H.U.B. stage that contains the vehicle. You’ll need more quartz for the Explorer itself, as it requires five Crystal Oscillators. You’ll need to be fairly far along in the game because you’ll also need Heavy Modular Frames to make it.

This also unlocks the next awesome feature we’re going to talk about…

World Map

The black parts of the map represent undiscovered territory

At long last, there is an in-game map! Every since Satisfactory came out, fans have been making their own maps and players have been asking how to access a map in the game.

By researching quartz, you unlock the ability to use the map. However, since this is an alien world, it only makes sense that you would need to map it out yourself. When you first start, the map will be mostly black, which represents the unexplored area. To reveal these areas, you can explore them with your character, or set up radar towers.

No matter how you reveal the map, this feature is a great addition to Satisfactory that players have been asking for since release.

The Conveyor Lift

Screenshot by u/Cazanator

It seems that Satisfactory users are still trying to find the optimal way to use conveyor lifts, but they present a lot of possibilities. This new item lets players do more with their conveyors and have less “spaghetti” in their factory. Normally changing levels can be a bit difficult to do cleanly, but the new lift item lets players transfer their items up and down belts. Factories look much better now, and more compact!

In the image above, taken from Reddit user Cazanator, we can see multiple belts feeding into assemblers flawlessly. This setup would be much messier without lifts, making this a defining item of the update!

You Don’t Have to Jump to Get Into the H.U.B. Anymore

Honestly, this should never have been in the game in the first place. Finally, Satisfactory is playable!

There are a ton of little bug fixes that we really appreciate in experimental mode, so be sure to share your favorite ones with us in the comments!


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