Satisfactory Out Now! Here’s 5 Things to do on Day One

Satisfactory Out Now! Here’s 5 Things to do on Day One

Mar 19 Masonzero  

Satisfactory has officially launched on the Epic Games Store, which means everyone on PC can play it now! Make sure to pick it up for $30 and get in! If you didn’t get a chance to play in alpha weekend, here’s five of first things you should try to do on Satisfactory day one!

Watch the Satisfactory Day One Trailer!

While your game is downloading, be sure to watch the new Early Access Launch trailer. It shows off some of the great things you can do in the game, and will build up your hype for it.

Mess Around as Much as Possible

Satisfactory is a big game with a lot of map to explore, a lot of things to craft, and limitless ways to build your factory. Don’t go into your first playthrough hoping to win right away. Get in there and explore, and don’t be afraid to die a few times in the process. Test the limits of how you can bend conveyor belts, and mess around with things like overclocking to find out what different settings accomplish.

Even better, grab up to three friends who are interested in the game, and create a world together. Then there’s even less pressure to do well, and you can all mess around together. Maybe each of you can tackle a different aspect: one team explores the map and finds creatures and resources, and another team starts on the factory itself. Just have fun!

Feed a Lizard Doggo

Lizard doggos are the most adorable creatures in the game, and you can actually tame them! If you feed one a paleberry, then it will love you forever and follow you around! Be careful though, because lizard doggos cannot jump and they can be killed.

Automate a Vehicle

Vehicles are awesome, and it’s great that you can drive them in third person in Satisfactory. But what’s even better is being able to set vehicles on autopilot. It’s a simple process that involves recording yourself driving the vehicle in a path between a dropoff and unload point. But it will make your life so much easier, especially when you’re harvesting resources far away from your main base. As soon as you make a truck, you should set it on its way!

Lay Out Your Factory in Advance

Obviously it’s hard to determine where your factory is going to end up, but if you can do a bit of planning, you may thank yourself later! The best way to do this is to create foundations, which will essentially arrange your factory in a grid pattern. If you place a building on terrain, you can rotate it any way you want. But placing it on a foundation means that you can only rotate it by 90 degree increments. You may thank yourself later for doing some planning beforehand!

Hopefully these ideas inspire you to do some unique things in Satisfactory on day one! Yes it’s all about building factories and harvesting resources, but there are a million things you can do to make your first day more exciting! Let us know what you plan on doing with day one in Satisfactory!


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