Satisfactory Patch Notes v0.1.16 and v0.1.17 (Experimental)

Satisfactory Patch Notes v0.1.16 and v0.1.17 (Experimental)

Jun 26 Masonzero  

It’s finally here. The thing we’ve been waiting for all this time! TRAINS!!!

As usual, we will dive into the patch notes after giving you a chance to read them. Here is the main path, as well as a small set of bug fixes for that patch.

Patch Notes v0.1.16

Testing out the train track!


  • Trains (still work in progress)
    • Trains are unlockable in Tier 6. Now go and set up your next level long range resource transportation!
  • Icons for a bunch of the Tier 7 resources (still work in progress)
  • Added the mesh for the Silica


  • Fixed a cave in the Swamp so players don’t get stuck in the ceiling
  • Red Kapok Tree (in the Red Jungle) and the small Pink Mangrove Trees (Bamboo Fields) should be destructible now. The big Pink Mangrove Trees are not destructible and there might still be some cases of the small trees in which they can’t be destroyed
  • Fixed a crash related to dismantling Geothermal Generators
  • Fixed a crash related to destructible rocks
  • The categories for recipes in the Codex should now work properly
  • The infinite loading screen issues should be fixed


  • Changed the Nuclear Power Plant mesh (still work in progress)


  • Added some feedback when trying to trash Nuclear Waste


  • More work on the Bamboo Fields (still work in progress)
  • Some smaller fixes on the Red Jungle
  • Edibles added to the Red Jungle
  • Small fog fixes for the Swamp


  • Minor tweaks to the Elite Stinger


  • Fixed some network related clamping on the Conveyors
The new model for the Nuclear Power Plant

Patch Notes v.0.1.17


• Freight station in the middle of animation work so it’s supposed to look like that atm

• Trains should no longer get stuck if they don’t have any valid Freight Platforms

• Clients should now be able to see what’s going on at the stations, even though they can’t ride the trains yet :’(

• You can now go “CHOOOOOOO”


• Updated descriptions for a bunch of stuff


• Nuclear Power Plant no longer encroaches Foundations


• Crashes related to dismantling/building tracks should be fixed

• Client related crashes for when trains were docking should be fixed


• Tweaked collision for the tall Mangrove Tree

• Updated Red Bamboo Forest area

Patch Notes v0.1.17 (second try)


• Updates to some sounds

• Power graph fixed in Train Station

• Added docking notification while driving a train

• You can dismantle the Freight Platform again

• Shift-click support for the Freight Platform inventory

• Freight Platform now stops if power outage occurs, and resumes when powered up again

• Train AI no longer gets stuck when railroad is removed ahead

• Trains can now dock in reverse

• Train station now shows direction correct and more clearly

• General improvements to the self-driving AI


• Updated some of the Train and Stations UI


• 8×1 m Foundations now available to allow for foundations matching the height of Train Stations


• Collecting more debug data regarding crashes


• Tweaks to Red Jungle area

Our take on the patch notes

So obviously the main point of interest here is trains. They’re due out in the official End of June update, and were not available in this month’s earlier experimental patch.

Reddit user u/neducalic broke down whether trains or trucks were better, and gave some compelling reasons for trains. For one things, trains don’t rely on fuel the same way trucks do. Trucks can travel around 3.6km on a tank of fuel, whereas a train can continue on, powered by its track. Trains can also carry more than one type of resource, which is incredibly useful! Most importantly, perhaps, a track carries power. So if you were loathing having to send power poles all the way across the map, following your train track, don’t worry about that now! Just let the train tracks carry power to your mining outpost.

The Nuclear Power Plant has also changed a bit. The model is updated, which now places the input and output right next to each other. Before, they were on opposite sides. So if you already had nuclear power, you will need to update your conveyor belts next time you log in.

The last minor addition, to help with train stations, is the 8×1 foundation, whic his the same level as the train station. This will make for some nice aesthetically pleasing factories!

Other than that, the developers continue to work on various improvements to the world, item meshes, and building out new environments in the map. Let us know in the comments what your favorite part of the update is (okay, who are we kidding, its trains).


About Masonzero

Mason has years of experience writing for blogs on a variety of topics. Now he is excited to highlight the awesome things you can do in Satisfactory. He hails from Portland, Oregon and loves gaming with his wife and petting their cat, Henry. He can be reached at [email protected]


  • mieszq
    Jun 28, 2019 @ 2:35 am

    I dont use experimental version, i play on the other one. Will my save update automatically and I will be able to use trains, or to have them available will ai have to start new game ?

    • Masonzero
      Jun 28, 2019 @ 16:03 pm

      Once the actual June update comes out, it will be available in the main game, that you’re playing. And if you want to start the experimental mode, you can load up your current saves from the regular mode.


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