The Best Satisfactory Content Creators of 2020

The Best Satisfactory Content Creators of 2020

Sep 17 Masonzero  

Now that Satisfactory has been out for well over a year, and the game has launched on Steam in addition to Epic, the content creation landscape has settled on a group of people who love Satisfactory and look like they’re going to stick with it for a long time.

We’ve looked at the best videos from Alpha weekend, the best video series that cropped up after the initial release, then we looked at some great creators to watch in June 2019. Now, more than one year later, we’re going to be looking at YouTube creators and Twitch streamers that have carved out the Satisfactory niche for themselves. The landscape has actually shrunk quite a bit, with only a few major creators focusing on the game. If you already watch a lot of Satisfactory content, you may recognize a few names here. But we hope you learn about a few more, too, and check out their videos!


With an infectious positivity and a great sense of humor, ImKibitz (or Kibitz, or just Kibz) is undoubtedly the most popular Satisfactory content creator. We even got the opportunity to interview him a while back. His YouTube videos are a series in which he builds up his mega-base, but he occasionally has a guide video to explain how he does the things he does. All the building that happens between the cuts in his videos actually happens live on his Twitch stream, which is a great place to see Kibitz in a more casual, unedited environment – but the laughs remain! The videos feel very real, as we get to see every mistake that Kibitz makes in the journey for maximum efficiency. It’s a fun time, BROTHER!

Watch ImKibitz on YouTube here.

Watch ImKibitz on Twitch here.


MaxTheCatfish is a relatively new addition to Satisfactory, his first video on the game having come out in February 2020. He only really has a handful of YouTube videos, but they are all top-notch. He doesn’t have a series of his own gameplay, but he does have a lot of fantastic guides and an entertaining way of presenting the information. His guides are aimed at newer players who haven’t learned all the best tactics yet, so you should watch all of his videos before trying to comprehend the crazy things that other players are doing. His Twitch stream focuses more on building up his world, so if you’re interested in seeing someone build a mega-base then Twitch is where you’ll want to go.

Watch MaxTheCatfish on YouTube here.

Watch MaxTheCatfish on Twitch here.


TotalXclipse is all business! He has some awesome video guides, and also runs Satisfactory Tips. Well, I guess we cover the news and he covers the tips, then! If you want details on how to make the most efficient factories possible, TotalXclipse is the best option. He takes the time in his videos to map out every step and give exact numbers. This is no joke – Xclipse builds every layout from a top-down view and has grid coordinates for where to construct each building. The level of detail is insane, and makes it easy to follow along with no matter your skill level with the game. And to make things even better, his white-painted factory is absolutely beautiful and clean. He also streams on Twitch, which is a great place to see him working on less-scripted, casual builds.

Watch TotalXclipse on YouTube here.

Watch TotalXclipse on Twitch here.


Wilsonator is a member of the famous Yogscast group and has a somewhat new Satisfactory series. However, it appears that he will be continuing it and providing plenty of entertainment. He has a large repertoire of survival games on his channel, primarily Rust. Wilsonator is learning just like the rest of us did when we were new, and it’s refreshing (and sometimes frustrating?) watching a newer player who is unbothered by maximum efficiency, perfectly straight belts, and everything else that many of us avid players of the game worry about. The series is a standard episodic series of Wilsonator’s experience in the game. It’s a pretty entertaining series that is augmented by some great music choices in editing to fit the mood. His comments section is full of game advice from more experienced players, so you can tell it’s a supportive community. He appears to be moving his Satisfactory series to a second channel, so be sure to subscribe to that (linked below) if you like his series and want to continue watching it.

Watch Wilsonator on YouTube here.

Watch Wilsonator’s second YouTube channel here.

Let’s Game it Out

Let’s Game It Out is a household name to most Satisfactory players these days. He is not a “Satisfactory YouTuber” but has made some of the most iconic videos of the game. No matter what game he plays, it’s his goal to break it. That is no different for our humble factory game. It’s hard to describe the sheer amount of insanity that happens in these videos, so you should just check it out for yourself. If you don’t bust out laughing watching these videos, then you might be a robot. He will probably only make new Satisfactory videos on major updates, but the rest of his videos are definitely worth a watch.

Watch Let’s Game It Out on YouTube here.


If you liked TotalXclipse, then you’ll definitely enjoy Scalti as well. He is a Satisfactory YouTuber that specializes in tutorials and factory guides. His explanations are great, and his super-efficient factories are beneficial to both new players and experienced ones who are looking to create better factories. You won’t find any spaghetti on this channel, only top-tier organization and efficiency. Scalti’s channel only has a handful of guides so far, but we’re hoping he becomes a much bigger name in the Satisfactory content scene.

Watch Scalti on YouTube here.

Slim Gaming

Slim Gaming has a massive backlog of videos about simulation games, and uploads a long gameplay video every single day! These videos aren’t edited like some of the other channels on this list, so watching his videos is a lot like watching Twitch stream replays (and in some cases, they are Twitch stream replays). Slim doesn’t have a lot of views yet, but the content is solid and you might enjoy putting it on while playing, yourself.

Watch Slim Gaming on YouTube here.

Watch Slim Gaming on Twitch here.

Coffee Stain Studios

Eh, these guys are okay. Not sure if they’re worth subscribing to, but here are some links anyways.

Watch Coffee Stain Studios on YouTube here.

Watch Coffee Stain Studios on Twitch here.

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