The Complete Guide to Making Supercomputers in Satisfactory

The Complete Guide to Making Supercomputers in Satisfactory

May 23 Masonzero  

When you first start your Satisfactory endeavor, supercomputers probably seem like a very distant dream. They are (currently) one of the endgame items. They are very complex, and a lot goes into them. You’ll need to be mining a lot of different materials and then turning them into a multitude of parts.

This guide is not taking into account alternate recipes. There are a lot of those in Satisfactory, but for the sake of simplicity, we will only be using basic recipes here.

We will also be giving you the raw number of overclocked machinery you will need, as well as the overclocking amounts you can do on the minimum number of machines.

What You Need to Make One Supercomputer

At it’s most basic, you actually only really need four key ingredients to make a single Supercomputer.

  • 196 Crude Oil
  • 84 Copper Ore
  • 20 Iron Ore
  • 117 Caterium Ore

Doesn’t seem so bad, right? Crude Oil and Caterium aren’t exactly early-game materials, but they’re not too hard to get as compared to Iron and Copper.

Here are the final ingredients we’re working toward:

  • 2 Computer
  • 2 A.I. Limiter
  • 2 High-Speed Connector
  • 21 Plastic

Obviously first, you’ll want to start your mining operations. So, that’s three Miners and an Oil Pump, at least, for the raw materials. Now, we go on to the next step of forming those ingredients into something.

A sneak peak of my Supercomputer plant.

Tier 1 – 2 of Production


First, you’ll need to create Plastic. Plastic is one of the four final ingredients of Supercomputers, but you also need it for other items. Plastic goes into each of the three other final ingredients, so you’re going to need a lot of it. And that’s why we’re making it first. Depending on how you overclock and how many materials you have coming in, you may need more than one Oil Refinery creating Plastic.

One line of Plastic will be going straight into the final Supercomputer Manufacturer, so that one is easy.

For maximum efficiency, you will need 5.25 Oil Refineries (assuming you’re giving them enough oil). Of course, if you’re overclocking, then you’ll only need a minimum of 3 Refineries – two of them fully overclocked and one of them running 28% efficiency. Of course, you can spread this out a bit. As long as you’re producing at least 118.125 plastic per minute.


Copper Ore, no matter what it’s going into, first needs to be turned into Copper Ingots and then Wire. You’ll need at least one Smelter and one Constructor in order to make this copper wire, but you’ll probably want more than one of each to make as much Wire as you can.

To mine the ore, just 1 Miner will do. You’ll also just need one Smelter, which will produce the 30 total Ingots you need to turn into Wire.

You’ll need to be making 90 Wire per minute, which will require two Constructors, or one Constructor overclocked to 200%.


Iron ore is exclusively used to make screws. So all you need is a Smelter making iron ingots, a Constructor making Iron Rods, and then Constructors making Screws.

You need 112.5 Screws per minute, which comes out to 2 Constructors, or just 1 that is overclocked to 125%.


Caterium gets made into Quickwire.

To mine the Caterium Ore, you’ll just need 1 single Miner. Then you’ll need to smelt 63.33 Ingots per minute, which can be accomplished by 4 Smelters, or 2 Smelters that are each overclocked to 212%

You will need 190 Quickwire. This requires 4 base Constructors, or 2 that are overclocked to 159%.

Tier 3 of Production

Tier 3 is a small one, and is the middle ground of all of these materials.


The first thing we must do is make Constructors that take in Wire and turn it into Cable.

You’ll need 47.5 Cable per minute. Since by default, you can make 15 Wire per minute in a Constructor, this equates to 4 Constructors making Wire, or the equivalent if you overclock.

Circuit Boards

To make Circuit Boards, you’ll need an Assembler taking in Wire and Plastic.

You will need 14.375 circuit boards per minute, which comes out to 3 Circuit Board Assemblers, or just 2 that are each overclocked to 144%.

Tier 4 of Production

Now we’re onto tier 4, where things start really coming together.


To make computers, you will need a Manufacturer. We already talked about how a line of Plastic was going into this Manufacturer. You will also need a line of Cable, Circuit Boards, and Screws. This is the only item that uses Screws. It is not the only item that uses Cables and Circuit Boards, though, so make sure you have enough of those under construction. Once the Computers are done, ship them off to the final Manufacturer!

Since 2 Computers go into a Supercomputer, you’ll need 2 Manufacturers, or 1 Manufacturer overclocked to 200%.

A.I. Limiters

A.I. Limiters are easy to make as compared to the other final ingredients. It’s the only item that requires only two ingredients, so just needs an Assembler. This Assembler needs to intake Circuit Boards and Quickwire, then output to the final Manufacturer.

You need 3.75 A.I. Limiters per minute, so you actually only need one Assembler, underclocked to 75%, since it makes 5 by default.

High-Speed Connectors

Last but not least, we have High-Speed Connectors. These items require a Manufacturer, but only use three inputs. These inputs are Cable, Plastic, and Quickwire. Once you have all of these being assembled together, ship off the Connectors to the final Manufacturer.

You will need 3 Manufacturers, or just 1 that is overclocked 225%.

A decent view of my Supercomputer plant, which is still somewhat in progress. Hey, this stuff is complicated!

In Conclusion

It’s important to realize that while these numbers mathematically makes sense, it won’t be that easy when you actually go to build your own factory. After all, if you have a Plastic manufacturing plant feeding into all of your Plastic needs, it will become unbalanced. So you will probably have to overproduce. Or, you can have dedicated raw materials for each manufacturing building that needs it. That might be space innefficient and materials innefficient, but at least you wouldn’t ever have backups!

The actual implementation is up to you, but this guide should serve as a rough idea of what you need to create Supercomputers. The default is 1.875 Supercomputers per minute with one Manufacturer, so let us know what your record per minute is in the comments below!

And lastly, if any of my math is wrong, please let me know and I’ll get it corrected. I set up my own “perfect” system to work on this math, and it’s possible I missed a number somewhere in this complex layout!


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