Unpacking the Satisfactory Update #3 Videos

Unpacking the Satisfactory Update #3 Videos

Jan 23 Masonzero  

Satisfactory Update 3 is about to come out, and Coffee Stain Studios has been teasing us with a few videos showing off the new features.

It all started with the Coupon Shop.

And then everyone thought it meant microtransactions. Yup, that was the theory. Even though Coffee Stain had promised Satisfactory would never have microtransactions, people thought this adorable checkmark represented microtransactions.

To be fair, it was later announced that the coupon shop was mostly about cosmetics, so the whole microtransaction thing isn’t all that crazy.

Also, who wants to take bets on the name of the checkmark? It reminds me of Clippy the Microsoft Office paperclip, so I’m going with Checky.

So Jace explained the coupon shop. Cool. He also made sure to point out that the trailer took place in a new biome, which means Satisfactory update 3

Next up, we have the resource sink. While “resource sink” could be used to describe just about every building in the game, this structure appears to take in materials such as screws and motors, and then do… something.

Theories abound concerning what this thing is. Most players suggest that this is how you create coupons for the coupon shop. The sound effect used in Jace’s update video when the coupons come up on the screen is the same sound used in this trailer, so it seems like a fair bet. Notably, the machine is marked CRUSH, so it’s definitely some sort of recycling device. It could also be a machine that breaks down items into their raw materials, but this seems less likely.

We can’t wait to see everyone re-route their entire factory into this machine. You know someone is going to do it!

It also seems like there might be a new resource coming to the game.

Now we have the best update ever! A coffee cup!

For real though, it would be pretty great to be able to have your character drink coffee in-game. Maybe it could grant them a temporary movement speed boost.

But there are more than just coffee cups in this video.

Right on the opening frame, we see a corner ramp. No more sharp angles in our factories! This has a little bit of functional value but is mostly aesthetic. Still, it is very appreciated.

Next, we see some wall-mounted power line nodes. This looks like an alternative to power poles that lets you put small nodes on the sides of buildings. It’s unclear whether these go through the walls, but it looks like a great improvement over the mess that power poles could create.

The following feature is some Apex Legends sliding, apparently. This isn’t that big of a thing, but more fluid movement never hurt anyone!

You may have missed it because it was so innocuous, but it looks like windows are finally coming to Satisfactory! The factory shown in the trailer is gorgeous, and I think a lot of us will be happy to see our conveyor belts moving while still locking them up in a building.

When the trailer pans to the top of the factory, we see our engineer holding a coffee mug. But we also see an ambiguous device behind them. It looks like some kind of hovering device that the player can sit or stand on, which may make for some fun skating around the map, or maybe a decent replacement for jetpack spamming.

And lastly, if you look in the top right corner of the screen before the video fades out, you’ll see a vehicle with something behind it. It’s not quite pipes, but it does appear to be foundation elements with a rounded interior, meaning you can create a pipe-like tunnel to travel through. Now that’s epic!

It appears the Dune Desert starting area is getting a rework. Other than some nice-looking rock formations and trees, there’s not a lot to see here. The update to this region certainly looks good though. One odd thing in this video is at 0:35 we see a crash site, and one of the black lines painted on the left side of the wreckage seems to be receding downwards. Could this be a secret message, or just a glitch? There’s also a very suggestive-looking rock in the background at one point, which is all you’ll see if you read the YouTube comments.

What do you think about Satisfactory Update #3 so far? Are you excited for the new features? Keep your eyes peeled here, because we’ll be covering anything and everything to do with this update!


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  • Factory_Birb
    Jan 31, 2020 @ 2:21 am

    Can we maybe also note we have railings we can place on foundations, hollow foundations and hollow walls?

  • Puschie
    Jan 31, 2020 @ 17:17 pm

    so you confirmation that the game is already dead….


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