Update 3 Patch Notes: Early Access (EXPERIMENTAL) – v0.3.4.1 – Build 119646

Update 3 Patch Notes: Early Access (EXPERIMENTAL) – v0.3.4.1 – Build 119646

Apr 15 Masonzero  

Hey everyone! When I saw my Epic launcher updating a game this morning, I knew it could only mean that the much-anticipated Satisfactory update had arrived at last!

And sure enough, the Experimental version has added some great new fixes and additions.

I am excited to see that the fluid freight cars have expanded capacity. I actually just changed over my game’s oil production so that I package oil at the source, transport it via freight cars, and then unpackage it at my base. This was due to the fact that freight cars have 32 storage slots and fluid freight cars had the equivalent of 5 slots. With this update, they now have 16 slots, making them still less efficient. Maybe at some point the math balances out and the packing/unpacking processing time is equivalent to the half-capacity of fluid freight cars as compared to a normal freight car.

What the rest of you are probably excited about is multiple hotbars! You can now have 10 customizable hotbars, so you can have different shortcuts for different types of projects. This should make large-scale building projects a bit faster to complete, and definitely a lot easier.

There are also plenty of other notes about the new update in the official patch notes from Coffee Stain Studios, which you can find below.

The Industrial Fluid Buffer and the Fluid Freight Platform now have a 2400 capacity.

Official Patch Notes

And we got the first hotfix going up for our patch to Experimental. This one mainly addresses that existing Fluid Freight Wagons still only picked up 500m3 instead of the new possible amount of 1600m3.

Thanks for all the quick reports on the bugs! We are working on more fixes that will roll out when they are ready during the coming weeks.


  • Already existing Fluid Freight Wagons should now be able to take 1600m3 instead of only 500m3
  • When switching the Multiple Hotbars with arrows they should no longer skip Hotbars
  • Fixed some icons having the wrong resolution

Hi Pioneers!

We are doing a little update to Experimental with a bunch of fixes and improvements. A new feature we are introducing with this update is Multiple Hotbars! You will be able to switch Hotbars with the arrow keys by default (those standard bindings are likely to change in the future) and fill up a total of 10 Hotbars.

It took a while longer than it should have, but the fluid capacity of Trains and the Buffers is also increased. They should no longer be trash, thanks for reminding us Kibitz. Sorry to everyone that has been waiting for this.

Something to note for this version is that we dropped support for saves that have not been played since before Early Access started. That means saves from the Alpha and the weekend before release. If you have a save that started at that time but has been saved after Early Access has released this will not affect you. Remember that it’s always good to BACK UP YOUR SAVES just for safety. We could have messed something up.

Apart from this there are a lot of small but sweet improvements and potentially a good number of new bugs. Check out the patch notes below for the improvements and let us know about whatever bugs you find on the questions site.


Hope you all have a good time with the patch! <3

PS: If you are playing multiplayer you will see some placeholder UI in the join menu when you are connecting to your friends. You can ignore that, we are just trying some stuff out.


  • Increased storage capacity for the following:
    • Fluid Freight Platform, from 500 to 2400m3
    • Fluid Freight Wagon, from 500 to 1600m3
    • Fluid Buffer, from 300 to 400m3
    • Industrial Fluid Buffer, from 1200 to 2400m3


  • It should now be easier to build stairs downwards
  • Added multiple hotbars (currently hotbars can be switched with the up and down arrow keys)
  • Performance improvements for Freight Platforms
  • Triangle amount optimisation for Pipes
  • Optimised and updated a large amount of visual effects
  • Optimised Conveyor Belt visuals


  • Added a tooltip for head lift in Pipeline Pumps
  • Updated descriptions, naming, and categories of various buildings, equipment, and unlocks
  • Search bars now detect multiple search words when applicable
  • Added a standby switch to the AWESOME Sink menu
  • Improved visibility of Space Elevator requirements for Tiers in the Hub Menu


  • Polish on encounters, enemies, jump puzzles, and collectables in the Dune Desert
  • Improved some ambient sound areas in the Dune Desert


  • Updated Conveyor Pole meshes and all Conveyor wall attachments and Conveyor Walls


  • Updated Chainsaw look
  • Updated Object Scanner look
  • Updated Chainsaw sounds


  • All languages were updated
  • Added Vietnamese


  • Added ladder climbing animations


  • Tweaked sounds for all vehicles


  • Fixed some further flow issues in fluid networks
  • Potentially fixed a crash that can occur when a client player builds a building in multiplayer
  • Fixed some missing meshes in a Dune Desert cave
  • Train timetables should now work for client players in multiplayer
  • Fixed tractor gearing sounds
  • The onboarding button prompts now properly show the key bindings set by the player on the options menu
  • All the mushrooms in the Northern Forest should be back on the ground
  • Hotbars should no longer disappear for client players when logging out and joining back in
  • Fixed some fog bugs in the world

About Masonzero

Mason has years of experience writing for blogs on a variety of topics. Now he is excited to highlight the awesome things you can do in Satisfactory. He hails from Portland, Oregon and loves gaming with his wife and petting their cat, Henry. He can be reached at [email protected]

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