Weekly Satisfactory Updates – April 19, 2019

Weekly Satisfactory Updates – April 19, 2019

Apr 19 Masonzero  

Welcome to your weekly roundup of Satisfactory patch notes, announcements, and more. We are edging ever closer to the big update that is supposed to drop at the end of April. This unfortunately has meant that news has been light. But we’re here to report what we can!

Patch Notes

On April 16th, a small patch was released. This is the final patch until the major content update. This one addresses some crashing issues. As much as we all would love gameplay updates, it’s nice to know the stability of the game is a priority.

  • Fixed the Geothermal Generator crashing on dismantle for some players
  • Implemented extra error checking to get more information on the biggest remaining crash

The Reddit comment by u/SuperMauMau1 really exemplifies how boring this update is though.

Jace’s Vlog Update

Even though Jace has been on vacation for a little while now, leaving social media updates to other team members. This vlog, filmed before he went on vacation, goes over how the Coffee Stain team is approaching patches.

Essentially, small quality-of-life updates are going to be pushed during each major end-of-the-month update. Important bug fixes will be added during the month (on Tuesdays) as needed, but general content additions will have to wait. This is so Coffee Stain can test each patch thoroughly so it won’t break your game.

Celebrating One Month of Early Access

As of the writing of this post, it has been exactly one month since the release of Satisfactory Early Access! It’s been awesome being able to play and write about this game for a month now, and we at Satisfactory News are very excited about future updates!

You Can Probably Run Satisfactory on Linux?

By some accounts, you can run Satisfactory on Linux, specifically Lutris. Epic doesn’t seem to have any plans to bring games specifically to Linux, but Epic founder Tim Sweeney responded positively to the community efforts and suggested the project apply for a grant from Epic. Great news for all the Linux gamers out there!


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