Weekly Satisfactory Updates – April 5, 2019

Weekly Satisfactory Updates – April 5, 2019

Apr 05 Masonzero  

It’s been a pretty slow week for Satisfactory. Things are mostly going as usual. Likely the studio is preparing for the next major update at the end of April. But here is what we have for this last week. In the meantime, keep checking back here for guides, and checking other community forums for great content.

Small Update to Saved Games

A small update has been pushed to Satisfactory players. This patch aims to reduce loading time bloat caused by vehicle recordings, as well as players not being able to save their games. Notably the patch changes where saves are stored. Previously your save files could be accessed in your My Documents folder, but now they will go to:


You can find backups still in My Documents, but future saves will be in this new location.

Jace Reacts to #SatisfactoryReact Videos

Last week on Twitter, Satisfactory called for players to submit their funny or awesome clips for Jace to react to. This week they uploaded the video including the best clips and best reactions. As usual, Jace’s sense of humor shines through. And he is super impressed by the crazy contraptions that everyone has created. If you want to see all the #SatisfactoryReact videos, just click the hashtag on YouTube.

In other similar news, the Coffee Stain channel reached 100,000 subscribers. A warm congratulations to them!

Jam Out While Playing

YouTube user Rockit Gaming has released a Satisfactory themed songtitled “Automatic”. It’s a catchy, dancy beat that will spice up your game a bit. Fan-made creations like this are really cool, and show the other creative pursuits of the people making crazy factories!

Jace is on Vacation

Hi everyone! Just wanna let you know that I (@jembawls) am now on vacation and I’ll be away until 22nd of April.

This means DMs are closed. @BustaSnutt will do a bit of twittering here but apart from that we will have a limited public presence. Never fear, I’ll be back Soon™ <3 pic.twitter.com/16i2hjg4QA— Satisfactory (@SatisfactoryAF) April 3, 2019

That’s right, everyone’s favorite community manager is on vacation until April 22nd. The Satisfactory social media presence might not be as entertaining for the time being, but we hope he has a relaxing vacation! It is well deserved for certain.


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