Weekly Satisfactory Updates – June 14, 2019

Weekly Satisfactory Updates – June 14, 2019

Jun 14 Masonzero  

All has been pretty quiet in Satisfactory recently. The dust has settled on the end-of-April update, but there is still some news to be had! Join us for some updates on sales, as well as E3.

Satisfactory Has Sold Over 500,000 Copies

Despite seemingly countless people boycotting or pirating Satisfactory due to it being exclusively sold on the Epic Games Store, the game has sold over half a million copies since it was released.

We haven’t had any numbers until now, but we have gotten a lot of jokes about only 10 copies being sold!

As giant fans of the game (obviously), we at Satisfactory News are beyond excited for Coffee Stain Studios and the Satisfactory team for reaching such a milestone after less than three months.

To see the full report, check out this super professional video from Jace, below:

Coffee Stain Had a Presence at E3

E3 happened this week and Coffee Stain had a few announcements!

They are going to be publishing the games Songs of Conquest and Midnight Ghost Hunt, both of which look pretty interesting!

Check out the trailers below.

Satisfactory Trolls us with Paint Drawings

The Satisfactory Twitter trolled us with some Paint drawings of upcoming items.

It’s worth it to check out the entire thread, but it’s all set up to tease the upcoming Nuclear Reactor item. We can only hope the nuclear reactor isn’t far off, but something tells us that the other drawings that were requested are not going to be things in the game…

Well, that’s all for this week! Hopefully, we’ll start getting some more news to talk about, bit in the meantime we’ll just keep expanding our factories!


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